Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Estilo Cards Review: March 2015

Estilo Cards, if you have missed my previous reviews, is a simple subscription service. Each month, they send you 3-4 cards along with envelopes, seals, and stamps, for you to use for a variety of reasons. Each month also has a theme so you will see cards for multiple occasions throughout the year and with different styles.

The card selections this month were all-purpose. The theme was basically the bossy pen pal and you receive two versions of the "Write Me Back" card - a small and large one. This is from Sea Heart City Press, which made my favorite card from Estilo so far (the superhero one).

There is also a pretty watercolor card and a wood card (these are always included and I think they are so neat!) with a turtle that says "you are turtley awesome." This is great and I definitely will use these cards.

One thing I really like about Estilo is that they work with local artists. It's nice to support people rather than big companies.

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