Saturday, March 21, 2015

Francois et Mimi Egyptian Cotton Sheets Review

I admit I have been slow about posting this review, but I wanted to get the sheets from Francois et Mimi on the bed and have them on for a bit before reviewing. I mean, there's only so much you can say about sheets, right? I was excited to get these sheets for review, but then I wasn't sure what to say about them.

I received my sheets in steel gray and I love the color. It's dark enough without being too dark, and it's a relatively neutral color so it works in any of the rooms. Of course, these are king sheets and we don't have a king bed, but in some ways, that was even better. 

One problem I always seem to have with sheets is that the fitted sheet doesn't stay on through the night. I suppose I move around a lot, but it's always pulled loose in the morning. Because these are too big, we worried that they would fall off even easier, but instead, they stay on. They're already deeper so that makes them more secure and the extra space (our bed is queen) gives the sheets room to move without pulling the fitted off the bed. 
As far as comfort, the sheets are cotton, but are very soft. They look shiny (they're sateen) in this picture, but they don't feel like satin. For me, that's a good thing, because I like cotton. I did find that they were softer cotton than normal - almost like hotel sheets.

I'm no sheet guru so I can't really tell much when I hear thread count. These are 700 thread. I think that's good, but again, as far as I am usually concerned, I pick sheets based on color, price, and size. 

This sheet set comes with two pillowcases, a sheet, and a fitted sheet. I was very happy to get these because I needed to buy new sheets. Now that I have tried these, I will definitely buy my own set when I need more sheets - and I will likely order them in king again because I like that they give that extra space for the fitted sheet. 

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