Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Candy Buffet Rock Candy Review

I like candy. I think we all know that by now. Sometimes I think I'm still 12 years-old based on my eating habits. So when I was offered a chance to review the new rock candy from The Candy Buffet, I obviously said yes! Candy = good and nostalgic candy = even better!

You can get the rock candy in one of 11 flavors: banana, black cherry, blue raspberry, cherry, cotton candy, grape, orange, green apple, white sugar, watermelon, and strawberry. I got white sugar and it came in a pack of 12 - that's a lot of rock candy!

Each stick was individually wrapped within a plastic bag that was secured in bubble wrap, within a box, that was then shipped inside the Amazon box. It may seem like a lot of packaging, but as you may realize, rock candy is a bit fragile! None of mine were remotely harmed in shipping.

I noticed that there was a decent amount of candy on each stick (it is listed as 4" on a 7" stick) and that it was sweet without being too sweet. It had that rock candy taste I remember from the beach or summer vacations. It was also hard, yet it tasted and felt fresh.

I definitely liked this candy and would recommend it if you are looking for rock candy, since $1 a piece is a really good value. In addition, I'm not crafty like Little Miss Crafty is, but I like how sturdy the sticks are because I bet they could be useful in some kind of project!

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