Saturday, March 7, 2015

Geek Fuel Review: February 2015

Geek Fuel is kind of the new kid on the block for geeky subscription boxes, but they have shown to have a lot to offer in their few months already. They tend to value quality over quantity so you won't get tons of items, but you also won't get a box with a bunch of filler.

I received a Full Mojo Rampage code for Steam as a bonus item (I signed up for a year so I get bonus items for the next few months), although I already got this last month in the review box. I love that Geek Fuel includes game codes. This is such a big thing! I also got the game code for Worms on Steam, along with gummy worms! :)

There was a Retro video game magazine, and I will never complain about gaming magazines!!

Geek Fuel doesn't do themes exactly, although this had a retro feel altogether. We also got an I love Retro sticker and pin to go with the magazine, which are cute even unrelated to the magazine.

In keeping with the retro feel was a bar of Space Invaders soap on a rope. Both the game and the entire existence of soap on a rope takes me way back and I love this! I will never use it, just because it's too fun to look at it, so we'll add it to our nerd room.

Finally, the Geek Fuel shirt this month was a Batman/Pac-Man mashup. The ghosts became The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler, and the Penguin. This is brilliant!

We also got the Wonder Woman glass (you could one of four designs). I love Wonder Woman and I love the retro style of the glass, although my husband pouted that we didn't get Batman. There are a lot of people who claim geek boxes are very male-oriented, which has never really been a concern of mine, but for those critics, here's Wonder Woman. ;) Since my husband and I basically share the same interests with only a few exceptions, geek boxes get shared equally in our house.

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