Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Goal Check In: March 2015

So March has been an interesting month. How'd we do for our goals? Better than last month for sure, although there have been some big changes, especially for Boxy, that are throwing everything off. We will be talking more about this tomorrow in our goals for April, since this is more of a recap and check-in.

Little Miss Boxy:

Well, my library isn't organized, because I'm going to be moving. So instead of organizing, I'm now in the process of purging and boxing up my entire house! I had said I wanted to find a place to donate books and there are a few places around here, including a charity that does pickups, so I am going to move forward with getting it all in boxes and then call them to do one big pickup of clothes and books. But this month I won't be sharing photos as things are obviously a disaster!

Meal-wise, we have stuck to our schedule and we have improved our cooking skills, as well as started to hopefully get ourselves in better shape. (We did cheat really bad for a week during my husband's vacation, but hey, that's to be expected.) I really would like to be healthier. I have never been one to care much about things like weight and so on, but I do want to feel good so this has improved that already and I am positive it will have a greater impact in the months to come.

I did meet the goal of finding somewhere to donate items, obviously, and I will plan on scheduling a pickup when I get it all together. I did a little work on my arts project, but nowhere near enough. Of course with everything happening, my head hasn't been where it would have been and it wasn't conducive to working on it anyway. Fortunately I did something so I can say that March went pretty well overall.

Little Miss Crafty:

Well, my diet and exercise plan has failed, and here I am doing the one thing I really wanted to avoid. Sure, I have a million excuses, but none of them really matter. What matters is that I didn't follow through. I have set a date and I am going to stick to it. I need to follow through on this to get my body back on track. I was feeling so good and just sort of gave up.

My Esty shop is moving along. I was able to log in to my account this month to check a few things out. I also started planning ideas for items to put in the shop. One item I would love to include in my shop is ceramic coasters, I have made these in the past for gifts, and they turn out really great! I also started working on a pair of socks that I am knitting, and if all continues to go well with it, I would love to make more and put them in the shop. I did start working on boot cuffs to list on the site but after I finished one set, I sent them to a friend to try on. They were too tight so I need to re-work my pattern to see how to fix that problem. The ideas are there; I just need to put them into action.

I am happy to say that I have spent some time this month working on getting things organized. I took the time to rearrange the playroom/office to allow for a craft table to be set up. Along with rearranging, I have moved the toys that are no longer played with to the basement so they are out of the main area of the house. My craft table has been awesome and has been used for the kids' homework as well. I also took a look at my desk at work these last few days and realized that I am a bit of a slob at work as well. As I was prepping for my upcoming class, I sorted, tossed, and filed many papers that needed a new home. For me, organizing my life is a slow process. I am used to things being in a minor state of chaos. I am going to continue on this path of choosing areas to work on over the next several months.

I truly love the schedule Boxy has created for me because it allows me to have time for my kids. This month, we have spent some time catching up on movies, making crafts, and going camping with Girl Scouts. The kids seem to be enjoying the time we spend together even when things got a little crazy with my work schedule in the middle of the month. As it gets warmer, I am looking forward to more excitement and fun.

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