Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Geeky Goodies Review: March 2015

My Geeky Goodies is definitely one of my favorite geeky subscription boxes. For the same price as the bigger boxes, they offer a much better value, I feel. Sure, some of the items are small and may still be a hit or miss based on personal preference, but it's a lot less marketing swag and more actual items in this box. 

The theme of this box was Monster Apocalypse and it was a pretty great collection! It started with vintage Dinosaurs Attack cards from nearly 30 years ago (complete with a warning from MGG not to eat the gum!). Although maybe if you ate the gum, you could become a comic book villain with super powers, right? 

There was a deck of zombified playing cards, which are pretty awesome! My husband was a fan and we will probably use them sometime for a card game, but we also feel bad even opening them.

There was a Mystery Minis Walking Dead figure. We got Tyreese, who just died but is immortal in our house now. (Spoilers, but really, no, because you should be caught up if you care that much about spoilers!)

This month's shirt was a Metroid/Mars Attacks mashup, which is pretty cool. I also love that the shirts aren't black with My Geeky Goodies. I don't really mind black shirts, but it's nice having some variety and so far, they have all been colorful.

Finally, we got a ridiculously awesome POP figure of Cthulhu. The fact that there even is a Cthulhu POP figure basically makes me smile.

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