Tuesday, March 17, 2015

goPure Peppermint Oil Review by Crafty

I know a lot of people who have begun using essential oils to help with a wide variety of things. They work for anything from cleaning and household uses to medicinal purposes. I have been keeping a close eye on certain oils because there are those I would like to use to replace certain medications. One of those oils is peppermint and I was lucky enough to be accepted to review goPure's peppermint oil, which came at the perfect time!

In our house, we have recently been struggling with a combination of colds and the stomach bug. To top it all off, I have been dealing with my monthly migraines, which are so bad sometimes that I can't get out of bed.

When the box of peppermint oil arrived, I opened it right up and looked at the directions. There really aren't too many directions on the bottle except that it should not be applied in the eyes, and that it is best to mix it with another carrier oil, such as almond, olive, or jojoba when you are using it for something other than aromatherapy.

Peppermint oil is really potent and can actually irritate the skin if you have sensitive skin. I do have sensitive skin; however, I have not had a problem using this. I did a little research online to check out ways to use this besides just aromatherapy. After completing my research, I have used it now several times in the last few days.

I have used it to help with the stomach pain we have been experiencing in our house. I rubbed a VERY small amount on my stomach, as well as the on the kids' stomachs. I also massaged an even smaller amount into my temples to relieve my headaches, and placed a small drop on my wrist and my daughter's wrist so that we could smell it and help open up our congested nasal passages. I was just telling Boxy yesterday that I think I am addicted to this oil.

Some of the other uses as listed on the product site are; natural insect repellent (can't wait to try this out once it is warm!), natural disinfectant for cleaning around the house, and benefits for skin and hair.

The 4 oz. bottle I received is HUGE, and when this bottle runs out (which will be a while) I will not hesitate to purchase more. In fact, I am planning on buying an essential oil book along with several other oils. As I work to improve the overall health of my family in a more natural way, essential oils will be important. 

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