Sunday, March 8, 2015

Little Lace Box Review: February 2015

Little Lace Box is one of the hottest things in the world of subscription boxes right now. When they opened up subscriptions in January after releasing their "The Dining Car" box, the internet broke. I had been on the waiting list for a while and I knew I wanted in on this, so I spent EIGHT HOURS refreshing and fighting just to get my subscription started. Lots of others did as well, so when the February box spoilers went out, suddenly the backlash began. 

I think expectations are absurdly high for this box, because of the hype on the day of signups. The Dining Car was also incredible and people were expecting the same. Of course, each month is different. In addition, Little Lace Box was faced with some trouble due to the weather this past month and the dockworkers' strike, so their original items didn't end up arriving. With that said, the box is still very nice and top quality. Each item is of high value, even if people were disappointed. I admit I was a little disappointed but only because I won't use most of these products. I do think, though, that Little Lace Box was worth it and I think they're like POPSUGAR and FabFitFun, in which you will definitely be able to gift anything you don't use yourself. Finally, I admire Little Lace Box for limiting subscriptions because they prefer quality over quantity and a lot of subscription boxes could learn from this model. Not only does it generate buzz (because everyone wants to be in on limited items), but it also means that there is more care put into each box rather than mass producing anything. As a company highly focused on working with smaller artisans, Little Lace Box knows that they need to have reasonable standards for those crafters.

Included in the box was a letter explaining some of their unique challenges this month, as well as a teaser about March's box ("Here Comes the Sun"). On the back, they also explain each item and give you a little background on the company. 

I was disappointed to discover that the truffles I'd seen in pictures were not, in fact, truffles but tub truffles. You don't eat these; you bathe with them. Baths are nice and all, but food is always better for me! :) My mom loves bath products, though, and this is so nice that I want to pass it on to her to truly revel in since I'm more of a quick shower kind of girl. 

There was a ton of complaining about earrings, which I don't really get. Personally all jewelry ends up the same for me. I either like it or don't. I find just as many necklaces that don't work as earrings that do, so in this way, I am basically okay with any of it. I am really happy to have gotten silver, since I prefer silver. These are pretty, too, although I don't usually wear studs (as you've likely noticed, I am a big fan of huge dangly things). Still, these are very nice and I will definitely wear them at some point.

I have no problem getting cards, since I think letter writing is a beautiful and dying art. I get a lot already, though, with my Estilo subscription so I am passing these on to my mom as well. She loves note cards!

I get a lot of Dancin' Goat products these days, but it's a great brand. The lotion is so wonderful and this is a delightful bonus item.

Finally, a jar of fudge sauce is ALWAYS a plus in my book! Chocolate will never upset me. EVER. I especially love small businesses and chocolate from small businesses is basically the perfect item. I know people weren't thrilled, but when you break each item down, it's really a nice box and it's still a treat even if everything isn't for you. 

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