Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Exciting News from Starlooks Starbox!

I really loved my Starlooks Starbox when I received it, but then with the heating bill and moving coming up, I decided I need to put my subscription on hold until I got things settled. I don't really need makeup right now, but I loved their box itself, the quality of the products, and that the items are all cruelty-free. In addition, the customer service when canceling was exceptional and I knew I wanted to go back ASAP.

So I recently received an email from Starbox with some news about their subscription. This will be a change effective May 11 for the June subscription box. If you sign up now, you will get your regular monthly boxes until the June subscription. If you wait until May 11, you will be able to set up your account according to the new system.

Starting with the June delivery, you will be able to choose one or both of the new subscription options. Option 1 is the Custom Starbox. This will allow you to choose two out of a list of four cosmetics items each month, as well as choose three from a list of up to nine gift cards from lifestyle and fashion brands. You can also add on discounted items as well.

Option 2 is the Classic Starbox, but it is also changing. You will now receive three limited edition cosmetics and a tutorial for a specific look each month, along with gift cards.

My first thought seeing this was that the price must be going up a lot, because at $15 a month plus shipping, Starbox is already cheap and now the items are improving. They are downsizing a bit from full size to travel size cosmetics, but in cosmetics, travel size is not that much of a variation (Starbox confirms that these will be at least 70% of the full size version). Still, by adding gift cards and choices, I figured it had to be more expensive. However, even more exciting is that the price is actually decreasing to $12 a month - INCLUDING SHIPPING. 

Finally, you will have the option of subscribing to both, as neither will include the same items. The Classic items will be limited edition and unavailable outside of that box.

So on May 11, new subscribers can set up an account however they would like and current subscribers can make the switch (or choose both). Personally, I think this is great - especially being able to choose items - and I look forward to it. Perfect timing for resubscribing to Starbox!

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