Monday, March 9, 2015

Black Box Review: February 2015

Black Box is a very unique subscription box. Technically it has a goth theme, but really it's more a customized box based on each person's quirky weirdness. For me, it's a mix of some of my favorite things so far so I'm loving it! You fill out a detailed survey when you sign up and each month, you receive jewelry, makeup, and other random items based on your personality. I think that the box is one of the best at curating to each person.

I was iffy about this box and signed up for one month, prepared to call it a day after the first month. However, I liked that box so much that I decided to keep going and this box was a total hit again. I look forward to getting this because I have no idea what to expect!

Fortunately, my box was in piece when it arrived this month!! :)

Inside a pretty drawstring bag were two mini Pokemon. I admit I only know Pikachu. I have never really gotten into Pokemon, but I think they're adorable so they'll go in my nerd room probably. As long as I can keep them far away from the cats, who may try to eat them. Either way, they're cute and I noted I'm a major geek so it makes sense to include them (I also really like the bag!). Somewhere, a Pokemon fan can name these in less than a second.

For little bonus items, there was mini candy and some vampire teeth. Although this would be a great box at Halloween, I love Halloween and I like getting Halloween types of items all year. That also goes for the awesome hair clip. It's a glow-in-the-dark skeleton hand and yes, I may not wear it except in October, but I love this! It's so fun and silly. If I still went clubbing, I would wear it for sure!

Also included were some Lisa Frank stickers and an eye shadow/eyeliner palette. It's Physicians Formula, which is certified cruelty free from PETA. I love that, because it makes me happy that Black Box takes preferences into account in this much detail. It feels really personal.

Of course there was also a bottle of Black Box black nail polish, which goes without saying in such a subscription box! :)

Last month, my favorite item was the TARDIS necklace and this month's necklaces were even better. What's awesome is that they're longer necklaces (I have a thing for those, as many of you know) and I will definitely wear each of them. One is another Whovian collectible. The other is the kind of necklace I would love to get in my Wantable - it's chunky and layered and long and silver/black with leaves!! I seriously LOVE this necklace.

My favorite part of this box is how custom it really is. So many boxes are "customized" but within reason, but this feels like someone went shopping for me. I've seen several unboxings of Black Box and they're dramatically different. I love that, because it feels like the box really is for me.

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  1. This box looks awesome, I love how customized it seems to be!

    Also, the Pokémon are totally Eevee and Clefairy ;)