Friday, March 27, 2015

Collectible Geek Review: March 2015

Sadly, my Collectible Geek package was late arriving this month, and I was not patient about it! :) The theme was "Totally 80's" so I obviously needed to get this. They recently announced that they are not continuing subscriptions (they'd recently started them, but they don't appear to be working) so after this runs out, I will be continuing monthly. I've been very happy with their collections so far.

Let's start with the poster, because my husband refuses to help me when I try to get the pictures, so it won't stay open! This is a Breakfast Club/80's slasher films mashup, featuring Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Michael Myers, and Predator instead of the Brat Pack. This hits two of my favorite things - John Hughes movies and horror, so I'm loving this.

There was also a Collectible Geek coffee mug and it's a witty little one. I won't ruin it for you if you can't figure it out, but I will say Abe Froman may enjoy it as well!

My husband loves the Ghostbusters shirt, so he's keeping it. I enjoy the movie but nowhere near as much as he does, so he can enjoy.

There were a couple of little bonus items, like some silly 80's shades, a Rubik's cube key chain, and a necklace of the AURYN from The Neverending Story (oddly enough, we just watched that again a few weeks ago).

There was also a mini Transformers figure, a Ghostbusters patch, and a sticker from Greatest American Hero (this and Doctor Who were my two favorite shows as a child, so yes!!). My sticker is upside down in this picture.

Before we get to the POPs, the last item was a Sloth action figure from The Goonies. So... about The Goonies. I LOVED this movie as a kid. I mean, I used to watch it once a week and my parents were really sick of it. A few years back, we decided to sit down and watch it again, since we both loved it so much during childhood. What we discovered is that it's pretty much unbearable now for us. So sad, but I did used to love this movie a lot. We all thought we were The Goonies (if you grew up with this movie, you know exactly what I mean).

Now, our POP collection is growing exponentially and that's okay with me. We don't really collect much except comics so I feel little shame about this somewhat silly hobby.

The first POP we received was Beetlejuice. This, as opposed to The Goonies, is an underrated movie from the 80's, because it's actually much funnier and darker when you're an adult. I like that - rather than feeling like I must have had terrible taste as a child!

Then there was Doc Brown from Back to the Future. I LOVE this movie, as does my husband, and we were so excited to see it represented because it's a huge favorite for us both.

There was also Gizmo. My husband likes Gremlins, but I never did. I wasn't allowed to see it when I was a kid because it might scare my little sister, and then by adulthood, it just had no real appeal. I still tried a few times, but can't get very far into it before becoming distracted.

Finally, our last POP continues the Ghostbusters theme with Slimer. I loved Slimer when I was little! I was excited to get this one. Fortunately, we don't have any of these yet, either.

 The last item in the box was a Beetlejuice Wackly Wobbler.

This is a fantastic collection and Collectible Geek should really be on anyone's geek subscription box list. It's more expensive than the others, sure, but it's not full of knick knacks and things you end up throwing away. Even the few small items are pretty cool and they're just extras. I also love that you can skip months (although with doing away with subscriptions, that's going to easier anyway) because I really don't like TMNT and that's their them for May. April will be Avengers and has sold out for some time now, I believe.

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