Monday, March 23, 2015

Kloverbox Review: March 2015

I fell in love with kloverbox last month, and I have used the products in the last box daily since it arrived. So I was very excited to get this month's box from them. All the items in the kloverbox subscription box are organic, cruelty-free, and natural.

This month's box included a green and white striped Baggu travel bag, which is definitely always useful. I love how compact these bags are, but how spacious they are when you open them. They're like the travel bag version of the TARDIS! :)

Also included were reusable facial rounds from Marley's Monsters, which will be super useful with the Rosewater toner also included. I love witch hazel and swear by it for facial care, so I was excited to see this toner is all natural - and includes witch hazel. I will definitely be using these both!  SEE UPDATE BELOW.

There was also a sample beauty balm and exfoliant, which I have packed up but will probably try after moving (I'm trying to keep out only what I will use right away at the moment).

I am not sure if I will use the eye serum, to be honest. These show up a lot in subscription boxes and I love that it is organic and cruelty-free, but I just don't use these kinds of products. We will see, though, and if not, I am sure I can gift it to someone.

I'm not sure if kloverbox is always more beauty-oriented than not, or if it's a beauty-themed month, but the lip balm and shampoo/conditioner in February are two of my favorite items I've received lately so either way, I'm a fan. I would love to see a blend, like Eco Emi does, of household and personal care, but regardless, I'm enjoying this subscription!

UPDATE: (I cut and paste this email direct.)

Please discontinue use of the 
Urban Oreganics Rosewater Toner. 

Dear March Subscribers, 

In the past few days Kloverbox has received a number of concerned emails regarding the Rosewater Toner. Initially, Urban Oreganics advised us particles in the toner were simply bits of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice. After further analysis, Urban Oreganics reached out to the container supplier only to find out other companies using these particular bottles have experienced similar after-effects. The containers purchased by Urban Oreganics came from two separate production batches which would explain why most Rosewater Toners are fine and retain a clear appearance and some toners have particles that have not settled. In either case, we would like for all subscribers to discontinue use of this product.

Urban Oreganics is very sorry and would like to apologize for this unpredictable effect to the Rosewater Toner. The toner has been the same wonderful formula for over a year without a single issue, the issue lies in a specific batch of plastic bottles as opposed to their normal glass bottle packaging.

As a solution, Urban Oreganics and Kloverbox will provide March subscribers with a different beauty product from Urban Oreganics with equal or greater value. We will include this new product in your April Kloverbox, if you are not subscribed to Kloverbox for April, you will receive the replacement product separately.

Kloverbox and Urban Oreganics truly appreciate receiving your emails and hearing your concerns. Our priority is customer satisfaction and product safety. If you have further question or concerns, please click the link below to email Kloverbox or contact Emily, the owner of Urban Oreganics at -


Kloverbox & Urban Oreganics

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  1. I love that little striped bag! I have a bit of a bag obsession lol.