Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wantable Accessories Review: March 2015 (#1)

As we have made clear, we are big fans of Wantable here at Outside the Box. We have found they do an exceptional job of matching items and even when the items don't work, they are responsive and make the process of returning easy.

For me, another sign of a company's ethics and value is how they handle mistakes. Although I am sad to report that I had a pretty major issue with my collection this month, I can also say that I rarely see customer service this prompt and helpful - and that makes me even more enthusiastic about Wantable.

I was SO excited when I opened this box, because at the top was a sealed card containing a personalized note, and I was very impressed by that. In addition, I could see the list of items on my card before I opened them and I saw that a watch was included! I have been hoping for a watch, so I even said to my husband that I finally got a watch.

Before we get to the watch, let's go through the rest of the box. I did keep this box with the one exception I will address momentarily, but my least favorite item that I kept was this bracelet. It's a bit too big for me. I'm really picky, though, because my other Wantable bracelet was too small/delicate, so finding a balance is a challenge. I like everything else about this bracelet, though, especially the way it clasps, but I just wish it was about half the size.

Wantable always does an amazing job with necklaces. Admittedly, I love necklaces and it's easiest to find me a necklace I like, but I have liked every single one (even ones I thought I didn't like at first). My first necklace in this box was a long silver chain with circles. It's similar to another I received, yet different enough. I think this is one of my favorites. 

I absolutely adored the other necklace. I asked for only silver in this box, as I prefer it over gold and I try to limit how much I receive in gold. This one is long with a charm at the end that is stylish and simple. This is exactly the kind of item I love, because it's got enough personality to be bold without being obnoxious and still feel classic. I make things tough on Wantable, because I have a very small window when it comes to accessories, and yet they seem to get it nearly perfect!

Sadly, the last item was my watch and it will likely become clear quickly where the issue lies. As you fill out your survey, you choose items from several lists (such as silver, gold, or multi-tone) and you rank them as hate, like, or love. You will never receive items listed as items you hate. There is also a very small section to add comments. I could add a lot more but each time I do the survey, I have to condense my thoughts into a few words. Here is my note from this box (and it's basically always the same at the beginning):

Now I know that people who are not concerned about animal products or who are not vegetarians probably don't even pause to consider what their watch band is made of, but these are things that are a big deal for those of us who do. So when I opened the watch, I thought it was cute but my first move was to check the band. This is what it says:

I sent these pictures to Wantable right away (although it was pretty late when I sat down to open my boxes). I have to say that they amazed me by how fast they replied. I had an email from their Senior Customer Service Lead first thing the next morning with an apology for the oversight. She offered to send another item to replace the watch that was not leather and it went out the next day (I will post about it when it arrives). In addition, the owner also emailed me and apologized that afternoon. I was happy with how quick they were to reply and how helpful they were in replacing the item. They also confirmed that I would not be penalized for returning the leather watch (if you keep your box each month, you receive a discount on the next month's box and I didn't want to lose the few dollars for something that wasn't a matter of choice in my opinion).

This kind of customer service and responsiveness is exactly what I think makes Wantable so great. It was an honest mistake because the person selecting the watch probably didn't even consider checking the band, but for people like me, it's a really big deal. They didn't argue or blame me, which is sadly so common these days in business. Instead, they apologized, went out of their way to fix it, and kept me as a customer. In fact, I ordered a second accessories collection for the month with different options, so I think it's a testament to how much simple courtesy can do for a business.

Every time I have an experience with Wantable, it is positive. I really cannot stress enough how much they excel at everything and how happy I am with them.

Note: I received my replacement item within a week and here it is. It's beautiful and although gold and not silver, it still works for my style without being leather. I also love that they sent me a watch, since they really could have sent anything. 

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  1. I LOVE Wantable. I just got an accessories box today too. I love everything in it. I also got a hand written thank you card. How great is that?! I've only had to contact CS once and they were quick to respond and resolve the issue right away. A lot of companies could do well by emulating Wantables customer service!