Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eco Emi Variety Box Review: March 2015

I bet you're surprised that Eco Emi's March box was awesome! ;) Seriously, I love this box. I know some people were concerned when they did away with the Beauty Box. I hope it's not a sign of anything but them focusing their efforts on their Variety Box, because I look forward to this so much each month.

This month, there were several items. The first was an energy blend tea from Teaveda. I don't really drink tea, but I like having some available and may hang onto this. If I decide not to, I will give it to my mom who drinks tea every day.

I was super excited to see a nail polish from Black Dahlia Lacquer, as they make vegan nail polish and I have been interested in trying them out. Since I don't really use nail polish, I haven't wanted to spend the money, so I love that I can try it through Eco Emi. Also, the color is perfect!! It's a shiny purple-pink and definitely one I will try.

I also received a foundation powder from Mineral Hygienics, which will probably be useful (I am really terrible about makeup, I know).


I probably shouldn't be so excited about dish soap, but I really am. I love my products from Honest, but I had received a Rockin' Green room spray a while back and I like it a lot so I am definitely trying this dishwasher detergent!

I am being a little silly with this Plum Hill hand and body wash, because I love the bottle so I am so excited about it even though I haven't used it yet. It's in cranberry orange, too, which is one of my absolute favorite scents, but I can't really say it's as awesome as its bottle is. Knowing my success with Eco Emi, though, it likely is.

I also received a few samples of Truffle Therapy Serum from Skin & Co., which is neat because I didn't know much about truffles, other than the chocolate kind, a few years ago until I visited Italy. I was able to learn a ton about truffles and even try them there and I have a whole new appreciation for products like this. I have been putting most of my stuff right into boxes for packing, so it will be a bit until I use these, but I am certainly looking forward to it. (I also really love that, although I check anyway, I know I don't have to search for cruelty-free status updates on these brands from Eco Emi.)

Also in the box was a dark chocolate Fruit and Nut bar from Equal Exchange. This is my favorite Cadbury flavor, so I was really excited now that Cadbury is verboten in the US. It was very yummy, and Equal Exchange is a far more ethical company so this is a definite win! (Also, how cool is this? They offer a package for fundraisers for sports/schools, so you can sell ethically sourced chocolate for your club or team!!)

Finally, there was a mask from 7th Heaven. I have never used a mask and I have so many samples from boxes, so I guess it's a suggestion I should try one.

Yet again, Eco Emi offers a great selection of ethical brands, unique products, and an exceptional variety. This is really one of my favorite subscriptions - and it's only $15!

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