Sunday, March 8, 2015

Super Bright Glow Stick Review

Fridays are the highlight of the week for my three-year-old. Since I do not work on Friday, he gets to take a bath in the big tub in our house. It is a nice chance for us to spend time together while he plays. He loves it when the tub is full of bubbles; he grabs his tub toys and easily spends an hour in the tub digging through the bubbles, playing with his boats, and blowing the bubbles in my face as I sit outside the tub. This Friday was a little different. I was asked to review Super Bright Longest Lasting Glow Stick Bracelets and decided to have a little fun with tub time.

The plan for today was to sneak up to the bathroom and get it all setup so that he could enjoy a glowing experience in the tub! Since we have a huge window right by the tub, I covered it up with a large dark cloth and started to fill the tub. While it was filling, I picked 12 random glow sticks to toss in. There were a few things I was looking for in this product: the connectors, the brightness of all of the glow sticks (but especially the orange ones), and the length of glow. 

The connectors are basic but they actually work the best out of all of the glow stick bracelets and necklaces I have used in my nine years as a parent. (We go through a lot in the summer.) These are just small plastic tubes, but they fit snuggly around the glow stick. Even when wet, the glow sticks didn't slip out.

Next I cracked the glow sticks to make them glow. While they were "warming up," I checked out each one to see the brightness of the colors. I was very pleased to see that the purple and green were very bright, but what really made me happy was that the orange and pink were equally as bright. This isn't usually the case with the glow sticks I purchase from the dollar store. However, I was disappointed to see that the single yellow I had pulled out of the tube didn't glow at all. Honestly I expect there to be at least one dud in a pack of glow sticks, though.

Here you can see the glow sticks as the tub fills. Once I called my son up to check it out, he was thrilled! He had so much fun looking for the glowsticks in the tub through the bubbles, and he took a lotion bottle and played ring toss with them. He also searched each color out by name.

The last thing I wanted to know was how long they lasted. It has been about two hours and they are still glowing strong, which I think is pretty great considering the attention span of a child is nowhere near two hours. I plan to check them in a little bit and see how they are doing, but I truly think this is a quality product.

I have a few more fun ideas for the remainder of these glow sticks so I will be sure to post more pictures on Instagram, and our Facebook page. I also plan on ordering these at least one more time come summer, since the kids love to spend their summer nights outside with their friends running around and they love glow sticks.

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