Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Companion Tees Review: February 2015

Guys, Companion Tees is literally the best thing ever. (This might be confusing but Companion Tees and Once upon a Tee are basically the same company, except your monthly subscription to Once upon a Tee gets you a Legend of Zelda themed shirt each month, while Companion Tees sends you a Whovian shirt monthly. They also are run by the same group of people as We Heart Geeks, who provide a variety of items but no subscription yet. In combination, my life is better for these three companies being it.)

I already loved Companion Tees before I even got my first subscription shirt, thanks to the random shirt I ordered out of their monthly collection (they run a la carte shopping with a limited selection that is only available for a limited time).

So this was my first month - and they did not disappoint! They knocked this one right out of the park! I am so excited about my shirt selection!!

Again, I love the packaging! Sure, I can only use it so many times before it's just packaging, but it's these little touches that make me so happy as a customer. I've always been the kind of person who believes in doing everything down to the last detail, which makes me annoying, but it also means that my quality standards are very high. It's a simple thing to theme your envelope, and it makes a world of difference. Companion Tees stands out and is memorable for making the small step to do something like this.

Now, on to the shirt. Obviously it's Doctor Who related, hence the subscription. I have a lot of nerdy shirts and I tend to pick as many Whovian ones as I can. This shirt, though, is stunning. It's a work of art. Most shirts are cute and fun, but look at the design here. And look at the detail!!

I almost don't even want to wear this out of fear of ruining it. I am so happy and they could not have picked a better first shirt for my subscription!

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