Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Green Kid Crafts Review: Slime Monsters Kit

Last month, Green Kid Crafts was offering a deal on the Slime Monsters kit. I decided to check this out for my three-year-old, and I am very glad I did! The really nice thing about Green Kid Crafts is that you can choose monthly subscription boxes, discovery boxes, creativity boxes, and even STEM science kits, and they are all eco-friendly.

On Saturday morning, my husband and my three-year-old son decided to make the craft together, which was so nice to see. They sat down and got right to work.

The first task at hand was mixing the supplies according to the directions. While my husband was the one who poured the packets into the mixing cup, my three-year-old took charge of stirring them up.

They really had a great time making the slime and then touching it to see what it felt like. As I listened from the other room, I heard my three-year-old shout, "It's so slimy, Daddy. It's slipperly!" (Yes, that means slippery.)

After they finished mixing and playing around with the slime, they stuck it into the containers that came in the kit and began decorating the monsters. It was so cute because my husband wanted the monsters to each have two eyes and to have the eyes placed in the right spots. However, my three-year-old had plans of his own and thought that all good monsters needed plenty of puffballs and googly eyes. He also helped put ears on my husband's monster, because they apparently need to be able to hear each other coming.

I have now purchased two boxes from Green Kid Crafts and I am honestly impressed. While we are working to try to do our part for the earth, it isn't always easy, but having a place to buy eco-friendly, educational, and fun products like Green Kid Crafts makes taking a step in the right direction a little easier.

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