Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kiva Spanish Smoked Paprika Review

I admit I don't know a great deal about spices and what each does or doesn't do. I know basil and oregano for pasta sauce, sage for a variety of things, and cinnamon and nutmeg for baking. That's pretty much the extent of my spice knowledge and everything else is stored in the house or bought because it's listed on a recipe. I still couldn't tell you what happens if you do or do not use them.

So although I own paprika and know it's a spice, I really don't know much about it. When I was given a chance to review two special Spanish paprika blends, I figured it may allow me a chance to discover the spice in more detail.

One is a sweet smoked flavor and the other is a hot smoked. My husband loves hot and spicy foods, although I like something a little tamer. I do enjoy some bite, but nothing as spicy as he prefers. These felt like a great combo for us for that reason.

So what I discovered in this taste test review is that paprika is REALLY HOT! :) The hot smoked is obviously more potent than the sweet smoked, but I took a tiny bit of the sweet smoked and tried it without adding to anything. My tongue felt that! It's strong, but like any pepper or hot sauce, it's also healthy so I was happy to add it to a recipe.

I was making my husband's favorite meal - "chicken" parm - using seitan cutlets I'd recently cooked and breaded. Usually I make the sauce and add red pepper in his after I pour my own over my pasta. I decided to shake it up and use the Spanish paprika this time - the sweet smoked.

Clearly you can't see the paprika in the sauce, but it definitely added to the flavor mix. My husband noticed the sauce was tamer than normal, though, so now I know I can add a lot more for his sauce - or incorporate the hot smoked instead.

I enjoy experimenting with flavors and spices and paprika has a lot of versatility. I also think it's nice that it's got kick, while being natural and healthy. I will definitely be utilizing these for meals a great deal more in the future.

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