Thursday, March 19, 2015

Artistry Gift Wrap Review: March 2015

Artistry Gift Wrap is exactly what it sounds like - a subscription of gift wrap and gift wrap-related items. They have recently expanded as well to include a themed box with household items and you can even go for both subscriptions in one.

I'm signed up for the bimonthly subscription, but it looks like they may be doing away with that so I am not sure what that will mean for my subscription. It appears, when I log in, to still be set up that way so maybe I am grandfathered in.

This month's box included a set of birthday wrapping paper with a matching card, as well as a pretty floral print wrap with matching decorative flower accents. There was also a matching notepad with pencil, and I am definitely going to be using this. I love that even the tissue paper used to fill the box is not stuffed in so that I can reuse it easily.

Each month includes the gift wrap items and one bonus (the notepad in this case), as well as a few "extras." I received some chipboard circles with a birthday theme (I am passing these on to Crafty since wrapping paper is about as crafty as I get). Also, since it's March, there was a St. Patrick's Day theme. Included were a body lotion and perfume sample from Ireland - both cruelty free! - and a Blarney Stone candy. I've been to Blarney Castle actually, and I thought this was a cute extra. Sadly, it's got gelatin in it so I will pass it along to someone else. (I've never seen the real Blarney Stone for a complicated story not worth explaining here, but I loved the castle and the grounds.)

I certainly recommend Artistry Gift Wrap, as it's quite useful and I like the quality of the items.

Here's Blarney Castle for you from my travels. :)

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