Friday, March 13, 2015

KitNip Box Review: March 2015

It's that time again! The kitties get their subscription box. KitNip Box is such a great treat, because the cats get snacks and toys - and a portion of the sales goes to animal charities. My first month was Brooklyn/NY, last month was Philly, and this month is close to home in Boston! It makes sense for March to be a Boston box, with St. Patrick's Day coming up. Of course, the cats don't care at all which city is featured, as long as they can play! :)

They aren't very patient!!

There was a catnip self-groomer, but the cats went right for the catnip and couldn't have cared less about the groomer. This is a good idea, but with cats, it's random if they will use it. You just stick it on a corner and the cats rub against it. Theoretically. My male cat thought it was a snack and then went on to demand more catnip.

Fortunately that came in the refillable catnip dolphin. Our house is overflowing with cat toys, because they will randomly decide at about 3 am sometime in June that this dolphin has angered them. I like these little refillable toys, though, because they're usually a hit and the catnip itself is always welcome. There was also a fish toy, which I couldn't even get a picture of before the female cat knocked it out of my hand.

We loved this little shamrock bowtie from Em-purr-ium, although our cats are indoor cats and don't wear collars. It's super cute, though, and you know, bow ties are cool.

There was another toy with catnip and this was attacked immediately so my pictures of it disappeared! We also received a pack of cod treats from My Little Lion (cod is a great selection with a Boston them, of course). My husband and I were probably way too excited about these Cloud 9 treats, because we can't get over the fact that they're "Le Recompense Supreme" in French. That seriously entertained us for hours, because our lives are boring. The cats liked these treats and they're in a little gum packet.

The last item is to be hung on a doorknob and used for scratching. It's really cute, jingles, makes crinkly noises, and has feathers so it was a hit with the cats. Of course, it does not stay on the door because they deliberately pull it down so it's currently in the middle of the bedroom floor (and soon will likely be in the bed one morning).

We always really enjoy KitNip Box and the cats now look forward to mail time, because they don't understand things like months. Every box is for them, they have decided. Let's be honest, though. Once we open it and put the items away, it really is!

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