Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fair Ivy Review: March 2015

Fair Ivy is a subscription for women that includes a monthly hand-crafted surprise. These are often jewelry or something personal and because everything is handmade, Fair Ivy limits subscriptions. You have to sign up for their mailing list and then they will open subscriptions a couple times a month if there are openings.

This month's artisan is Amanda Deer Jewelry. This is described as "cute and dainty jewelry" so I knew before opening the box that it would be unlikely to be something I would personally enjoy. Those who know me well know that if there are two words that are antithetical to my existence, they are cute and dainty. 

The necklace is a dainty gold necklace with three golden circles. It's very pretty and well made, but I really don't do dainty. All the necklaces I wear are big and chunky, if I wear jewelry at all. I haven't even worn my wedding rings in years (I actually thought we may have lost them because I don't even keep track of where they are). I know I subscribe to Wantable, but I specify that I don't do dainty.

Crafty usually wear silver but she thought this was really pretty, so I will send it along to her. I don't fault Fair Ivy or Amanda Deer Jewelry in any way because it's a nice necklace and most people would probably love it. I'm just not the kind of girl who really likes girly things but I wanted to try this subscription for the purposes of the blog. I can't say I will be renewing, but I think most people would be very happy with this. I love that Fair Ivy limits subscriptions in order to ensure that people receive quality items and I recommend them if you enjoy handmade, pretty items.

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  1. This necklace is really pretty. I do love that the items are hand-crafted.