Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Plated Meal Review: Thai Coconut Noodles

It's funny because these reviews are so backlogged that the meals have long since been cooked and eaten by the time they come up here. In fact, I have more meals coming next week from Plated and here I am talking about meals from the beginning of the month!

This meal was Thai Coconut Noodles with Basil and Kale - and it was delicious. One thing we have noticed with the pasta and rice dishes is that you get a ton when you order from Plated. However, often they start to get boring after a while so we decided to add tofu to this to give it a little bit of something extra (and also to make it more of a meal).

There were a lot of ingredients and steps for this meal and although it could have been made by one person, it was nice having two of us to work on it. Of course, we added the step of cooking the tofu as well.

I had mentioned previously with one of the Plated dishes that it needed a bit more sauce. This time, I feel like it maybe needed less, but I also think it was my fault. I should have used less water. I followed the recipe but as you can see, the sauce probably could have been thicker, which would have made it cling to the noodles more. This was likely my fault as I couldn't get the noodles as dry as I would have liked coming out of the bowl. I also should have used more of the kale, which would have soaked up the sauce more, but I knew we would likely eat around it if there was too much.

Regardless of the sauce, this was an awesome meal! I liked everything - the sauce was great, the noodles were the right kind for this mix, the mix of kale, basil, bean sprouts, and scallions worked, and adding the tofu made this near perfect.

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