Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tarte Miracles from the Amazon Product Review

I think I need to accept that I have an issue. Sometimes I buy things just because they're on sale. I don't wear makeup, but did that stop me from buying a six piece makeup collection when I got a great deal on it? Of course not. 

One of the reasons I decided to get this was the variety of the kit, as well as the fact that Tarte is a quality brand. I am happy with the box, even if I won't use most of the items too often. 

My favorite part was actually the bag, because it's big, a nice color, and I can put all these products I don't use but continue to buy in it!

Included in the kit was a foundation. This is the item I will use the least, since I don't often wear foundation, especially not liquid. I seem to have a lot of trouble getting it blended well enough so I usually give up.

There's also a blush brush and double-sided eye shadow brush. They're really soft and you can't ever have too many brushes. I mean, if you wear makeup, of course! ;)

The palette was disappointing a little. It's eye shadow and blush, but the eye shadow colors don't have a ton of variety. Still, I like the case it comes in and I do like the colors. I think I was just hoping for more than a few shades of brown.

I know mascara is nice, even if it bores me. I will use it, though, because mascara is made for someone like me. It's one of the easiest makeup products to use.

My second favorite item was the lip gloss, because I love lip color. It is a nice shade, blends well, and is easy to apply.

Overall, this is a great kit and probably better for someone who actually wears a lot of makeup. The value is certainly there, and for me, it will last a very long time!

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