Friday, March 13, 2015

Spain Candy Review: March 2015

Spain Candy was nice enough to reach out to us on social media and via email to tell us about their new subscription box service. They have several sizes you can order through their site; this is a combination review of the paid Individual package, as well as a discounted Group package they offered. 

This first picture is the Individual package, which is just a taste of Spain Candy. It may be more appropriate to say Spain snacks as not everything was technically candy, but the boxes do have lots of variety. 

The small package included some hazelnut chocolates (always a win), gum, cookies that ended up broken in customs, and a puff pastry kind of thing. What I learned in this box is that Spanish people have a variety of snacks in unique flavors. I also learned the Spanish word for lard, which is in this puff pastry (I had to translate the ingredients). Needless to say, I didn't eat the pastry, but the candies were yummy. I didn't open the cookies yet, mostly because they're going to get everywhere when I do. 

I admit that I definitely prefer the bigger box, not only because it has more but I liked the selections better. It's twice as expensive, but shipping is a large part of the cost in international food subscriptions, so it may make more sense to go bigger. 

This box included some almond candies, which were strangely strong. I commented that I couldn't tell if I liked them, but I ended up eating it so I guess I did! It's a unique flavor and I wasn't expecting it, but I do like almond. It almost tasted like amaretto liquor.

There was also a bag of chips. These may have been vegetarian, but they were ham flavored. Since I don't know the source of the ham, I didn't dare eat them (I know you can get fake bacon flavoring and it is more common than real bacon, but my Spanish is pretty weak.).

I enjoyed the corn tubes. I don't even know how to describe these. They're flaky tubes that taste like corn, which probably sounds odd, but they surprisingly worked.

It was exciting to see some brands I already know like Mon Cheri and Lindt, especially since I got the peanut butter truffle! Also included was a tube of little candies.

There were a bunch of small samples and this egg I want to try. I have no idea what to expect with it. I've spent a lot of time Googling ingredients and Spanish words, so I may recommend that to Spain Candy as something to consider in future boxes. Translations would be great or even links to find the ingredients in English (this is what Universal Yums does, which is likely more cost-effective than printing them for everyone).

Finally, we received a couple pastries. I didn't see lard in these, which was good. These are the items we haven't tried yet. One is a flaky pastry with powdered sugar and from what I gather based on the image of the other, it's a chocolate hot dog? :) I think it's basically a doughnut - dough surrounding a chocolate cream center.

Spain Candy definitely introduced me to new and interesting snacks and I love that subscription boxes allow you to try foods from around the world. If you don't live in a major city, you are limited to what's in your local grocery store, so this is a nice way to remember that there is a big world out there!

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