Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Teacher's Box Review: February 2015

The Teacher's Box is really such a great subscription box and a unique gift idea for the teachers in your life. I love that it's versatile enough to work for teachers at any grade level or subject area for the most part, too. 

There were lots of little items in this month's box. There were two packs of pencils and a bag of large Dr. Seuss-themed erasers. My husband's students are always looking for pencils and erasers, so these are useful. He and I both prefer pens, but pencils are cheaper and students often like pencils because they need them for math and also tend to like them for homework, because they make it easier to fix mistakes. These will certainly be used.

There was a package of super glue, which he won't use at school, but we can always keep on hand at home and it's something we will make use of at some point, I'm sure. The Food Trivia game is fun for us personally, although not really related to literary study. Still, it's good to have things like this on hand at school for days before vacations, when you can't get a lot accomplished.

We also received two packs of white circle labels. These can be used in a ton of ways and although I'm not sure if he will use them at school or we will use them at home, they will be used eventually.

In the second layer was a pack of fact cards about US presidents, which my husband passed along to a colleague in the history department. There was a lint roller, which he will definitely carry around in his bag, because we have two cats and although they've been in the car maybe five times ever, their fur still seems to be everywhere!

My husband is the least tech savvy person on Earth, so I had to explain the charger to him. He seemed slightly confused as to why he would even bring his phone into school (he charges it in his car and then, of course, often has it uncharged). I told him if he wouldn't use it, he could certainly use it as a review game prize as one of his students would likely be happy to win!

There was a small tin of Altoids and a cup of Oreo minis, both of which were immediately taken and put in his bag. He also was extremely excited about the box of red pens, something he always needs. He said last month that every box from The Teacher's Box should include a package of red pens, so he was definitely pleased.

If I were to offer any suggestions to The Teacher's Box, it may be simply gathering the subject matter and grade level of subscribers/recipients. Again, this is versatile enough any teacher can use it and the few items my husband couldn't use can be passed on to a colleague, but that would probably make the subscription even better. Instead of presidential facts, he may get poetry facts or vocabulary flashcards, for example. Otherwise, even the Dr. Seuss erasers will certainly be used in a high school setting.

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