Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Crafty Travels to Space with Space Scouts

Roxy and Jett have landed in our home! This time of year, the kids are always so busy with sports and activities, but come summer, they're bored so I love sampling activity packs for them to try. It allows me to see what they enjoy and also start a list of things we can do for the summer. When we were given a chance to review Space Scouts, I was thrilled!

Space Scouts and Animal Trackers Club are offered by the same company, although they target different two age groups. Space Scouts is for children ages 6+, while Animal Trackers is for kids ages 3+. Obviously the older kids can enjoy both, but it's good to have a sense of what to expect.

I am truly excited to tell everyone I know about this monthly subscription now! The quality is beyond compare.

Here's the scoop on Space Scouts. With your first month, you get instructions, the Space Scout lunchbox (which is awesome!), a solar system poster, activity sheets, a sticker scramble, a souvenir toy, a ring holder for constellation cards, and an introduction to the constellation cards. All of these items are basically to set you up for your following months.

The lunchbox is used to keep the magnets that you will receive every month. This is a wonderful idea! The solar system poster helps kids to track each month by placing the stickers that come with the subscription on it. The constellation ring holder will hold each month's constellation card so that you can keep them all in one handy place. And of course there's the souvenir, because what kid doesn't want a little something special from a trip to space?

Since I received this box for review, I actually got both months one and two in my pack. As if month one wasn't enough to blow me away, month two had me floored. Of course we got our magnet and sticker for the lunchbox, along with our solar system poster. We also got the sticker scramble, which is really neat and the kids loved working together to figure them out. This is unheard of around here!

The activities were exciting, and they were challenging without being frustrating. Our first constellation card was so cool, and the kids are hoping for warmer nights to come so that we can head to the backyard and check some constellations out.

Last but not least we got two little astronauts and a claw gripper. Each of the kids has taken a turn using the claw gripper for various activities; it is neat to see the things they come up with. My oldest is resourceful and used it to get something that was just out of reach. My middle son used it to practice picking up items and putting them away (whatever gets them cleaning, right?) and the youngest chased everyone around the house with it. What are you going to do - he is only three.

I was very pleased with the box and for $36.00, you can get a three month subscription to Space Scouts. For me this seems like a no brainer. I have spent more for a single month's subscription in the past. I am adding this to my summer subscription boxes for the kids to help keep them occupied and me sane!

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