Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nerd Block Review: March 2015

I wanted to be happy about Nerd Block, but every time I felt like they took a step forward, I ended up biting my tongue and being disappointed again. So with that in mind, this is the last Nerd Block Classic I will be reviewing or receiving. I still have this month's Nerd Block, Jr. and Arcade Block coming and then I will be moving on to the boxes I actually feel happy to see on the porch. For every item I end up liking, there is something I feel either disinterested in or downright annoyed by - and every month, I end up throwing things away so it is becoming wasteful. Again, this is my experience and Nerd Block is likely great for other people. I just haven't found it really hits on the things I enjoy. It seems great for people with children or who are casual fans of lots of mainstream and popular things, but after trying a lot of boxes, it just doesn't hold up against the others.

This month's theme was Simon Says - and it was supposed to be curated by Simon Pegg. However, there were two items related to Simon Pegg and a bunch of filler junk. I don't really mind getting some filler items, but Nerd Block recently set up a giveaway for a Deadpool Funko POP and I have to wonder why they aren't including these things in their boxes, instead saving one POP for a giveaway and sending people gag gifts for $30+ a month.

The first item was a mini Munny, like the one in Loot Crate from February. This is also in the Jr. box, I believe, and I do find it dumb that Nerd Block sends the same things in different crates. They have sent repeat items in Arcade Block and Classic, and they do it all the time with the Jr. box. If they are going to repeat items, they shouldn't constantly try to get people to sign up for all their blocks. I am giving this to Crafty and her kids, because I don't need one of these figures, never mind three.

Also going to Crafty and her kids was the ridiculous package of spider ice cubes and a whoopee cushion. This is also in the Jr. box and I guess it makes sense in there (although I subscribe to the box for girls and I can't imagine I would have wanted these items at any age). I am not sure who the Nerd Block demographic is, but it clearly isn't me because I don't have children and don't want to be treated like a child for liking nerdy TV, movies, etc. I also don't want dollar store items made in China that end up being more trash for no reason. I can't imagine that most people would not prefer fewer items but better quality overall.

There was a Guardians of the Galaxy magnet and a set of nesting dolls. We will keep these because although we didn't like the movie, my husband thought the comic was okay as a kid and he also has a hard time throwing anything comics-related away.

Finally, moving on to the Simon Pegg items, which were good, there was a book and a shirt. Nerd Block seems pretty excited to send us books now, and that would be great (I do love reading) except all the books seem to be remainder items that are at least a few years old. I actually don't own any of Simon Pegg's books (to be honest, I didn't even know he wrote any because I'm only a sort of a fan. I loved Shaun of the Dead and that was about it, although my husband liked Hot Fuzz a lot, too). I am looking forward to reading this, but this was the best item in the box and I feel like it's probably not worth $30.

My husband thought the shirt was amusing. A few years back, I bought him a Winchester Tavern pint glass so he can wear this shirt with that, I guess. And we can both sit back and wait for this whole thing to blow over.

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