Thursday, March 19, 2015

Global Delights Review: March 2015

Global Delights is a subscription box that sends you snacks from around the world each month. Admittedly there are a lot of subscriptions that do this and Global Delights is one of the more expensive, but they make up for it many ways. First, they send huge packages of several of the items. Nothing in the box is sample size - the smallest you would get would be a candy bar or bag of chips that would be the same size you would pick up in a store. Secondly, they include diversity, so you are not getting all French snacks or all Chinese snacks. Finally, they are prompt at shipping. Our box came about a week after it was billed and there was tracking sent once it was out in the mail, making it feel even faster.

This box represented Ireland, the UK, Italy, Thailand, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates. What I learned from this box is that I am a ridiculously Western eater when it comes to snacks. It's funny as I love Thai food, but when it comes time to eat a snack, I just want something I'm familiar with, I guess.

I was very happy that I could eat these items. I expected the giant bag of jelly sticks to include gelatin but hooray - it did not. Sadly, I was not much of a fan of these so now I have a giant bag of jelly sticks. :) But of course the purpose here is to try things and I am happy I could at least try them.

I really didn't like the Honey Dew Melon Cake, either, so Taiwan was kind of a fail for me. I'm not a big fan of honey dew to begin with and this was not something I enjoyed. I didn't hate the jelly sticks, but I hated these cakes.

We also got tamarind candy from Thailand. The bag is enormous. I had to look up what tamarind was because the picture looks like sausages, but it's a fruit. The candies taste like hard candies. They're not bad, but not really good, either. They, like the jelly sticks, are just something I don't enjoy that I now have way too many of in the house.

The mango drink from the UAE was disappointing, but mostly because I usually only have mango mixed with other fruits. I do think it's nice that Global Delights included a drink with all the snacks.

Moving on to Europe, though, the box took a very positive turn. I only wish these packages were as big since I enjoyed these far more!

The shamrock and sour cream chips were AWESOME! I admit I totally signed up to try these and for the Cadbury, since that's now impossible to get in the US. These chips tasted like sour cream and onion chips, but they were kettle cooked. Very, very yummy and I will keep an eye out for places I can get these here.

We received the hazelnut Dairy Milk bar, which was okay. I was surprised it wasn't better but Crafty's husband recently got me some Cadbury with his connections and maybe it was just that I'd recently had those. I loved the Time Out bar, though. It's a wafer stick with a creamy center. I think it's a mocha flavor, but maybe I'm making things up.

When I saw the big bag of mini bruschetta toasts, I figured I would save these to go with cheese or something. However, my husband and I ended up finishing off this bag that night because they're so good! I expected them to be drier with less flavor, but they were essentially the perfect snack!

Overall, Global Delights was a on the line of hit and miss because the biggest items were the ones I didn't enjoy, but it's a great concept. I will probably try it again down the line when I feel adventurous although I don't know about a long-term subscription unless you can customize which countries you receive.

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