Monday, March 30, 2015

Instacandi Review and Video Tutorial with Giveaway!

As everyone who follows this blog likely knows, I love candy. I don't, however, like things made from animals. So I was interested when I was offered a chance to review Instacandi, but I did need to reach out to them to ask if I would be able to get a gelatin-free pack. They responded almost immediately and didn't even have to ask which candies to remove, because they had already gone ahead and looked up the candy list from PETA of vegan friendly candies. That alone endeared me to them - and then they sent me candy, too! :D

Here we have a review, a video tutorial of how to use their website, and a giveaway to win your own candy. I will say this package arrived really fast after we talked and it was gelatin-free (there was a stray Starburst, but I think that was a miscommunication because I noted that I used to love Starburst until I stopped eating gelatin so I think they assumed I still ate it. 

The candy all came individually wrapped in a sealed bag, along with a card. Since it was a review bag and not a gift, I didn't get a personalized message but your recipient would (like with flowers). What Instacandi provides is a gift of candy for various occasions, such as congratulations, birthday, etc., like flowers, with each bag including a variety of snack size candies and a personalized message for $9.99 (including shipping). I love that you can actually pick the delivery day, too, and they ship with USPS First Class, so unless you have a real issue with the USPS, it should be on time (there is an option to send Priority Mail as well for a little more if you want that convenience or if you forgot and need it faster!)

My collection included Skittles, Gobstoppers, Sour Patch Kids, and more - and I enjoyed all of it! 

Now I made a little video to explain the ordering process. Please forgive the quality because I was filming my computer, which makes it somewhat headache-inducing. 

If you missed that code in the video, it's BOGOE15 to receive your own bag of candy when you sent an Easter delivery (you may need to order two, although I didn't spend a lot of time checking since I am not ordering today). I definitely recommend this, because who doesn't like a little bag of candy with a note from a loved one?

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