Saturday, March 28, 2015

Rainbow Light ProbioActive Probiotics Review

I often see opportunities to review probiotics, which is something I'm always interested in trying, but I don't sign up because they may not be vegetarian. So instead I decided to head to Amazon and select my own vegan probiotics. I was very happy to come across Rainbow Light.

Now I know all about probiotics but I haven't really tried them, mostly because of the animal products concern. I don't use a ton of antibiotics, but I still think it's beneficial to be aware of the balances and imbalances in our bodies. 

These are rapid release capsules and are taken right after a meal. I haven't used them for very long, so I can't say for sure that they are making a dramatic difference, but I do find I don't react as strongly to certain foods. I also find that my stomach feels more settled overall. For the most part, I figure you can't really go wrong and they weren't all that expensive. I will keep using them and hopefully they are helping, but if not, they don't seem to be hurting. Knowing that they're vegan and entirely plant-based makes me happy as well!

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