Thursday, March 26, 2015

Companion Tees Monthly Grab Bag Review: March 2015

I'm pretty sure that if Companion Tees were a person, he/she would be my best friend. I have mentioned before that I love them, as well as their sister site We Heart Geeks. They also are partnered with Once upon a Tee.

There are three subscriptions available through Once upon a Tee/Companion Tees. Both Once upon a Tee and Companion Tees have a one shirt a month subscription in their theme - that's Legend of Zelda for Once upon a Tee and Doctor Who for Companion Tees. The shirts selected for this subscription are part of their limited edition runs/exclusive runs for that month. In addition, Companion Tees offers a monthly Whovian grab bag of one to three shirts. These are from previous months.

One of the only reasons I was sticking it out with Nerd Block/Arcade Block/Horror Block was because I liked the shirts. I had figured that even if everything else wasn't for me, at least the shirts could be worn. However, when I realized that for the same price (actually slightly less than only one block), I could get three shirts that were all related to Doctor Who each month, it was obvious that I would be happier with this.

I really loved all three shirts in this month's grab bag, so I am off to a great start!

The first shirt is a Doctor Who/Walking Dead mashup, replacing the zombies with Weeping Angels. I love this shirt!! The Weeping Angels are pretty awesome and I really think this artwork is impressive. I am not a huge Walking Dead fan, but my husband is and I clearly recognize the image. This is fantastic!

The second shirt is also a Doctor Who mashup, this time with Big Hero 6. I haven't seen this movie, although I hear good things. I love the fez, sonic, and bowtie, though! Is this Big Hero 11? :)

Finally, the last shirt is more of a general geeky shirt than a Whovian shirt, but I love this one and had been eyeing it already. Most people are familiar with the religious Coexist image that shows up a lot on bumper stickers. This image here is a geek culture version of that - rather than having ONE fandom that wins out over others, you coexist with other fandoms since they all really do impact each other.

For reference, here's the breakdown: C - Death Star (Star Wars); O - One Ring (Lord of the Rings); E - Alien (Aliens); X - Title card from X-Files; I - TARDIS (Doctor Who); S - Superman logo; T - Blaster (Star Trek)

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