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Wantable Review (Accessories and Intimates): February Collections

Crafty and I got a little out of control with Wantable this month, so since I already reviewed several other collections from Wantable this month, we have a joint review of Accessories and Intimates. I swore I wouldn't order another Accessories collection, but clearly I did, so each have a review of both.

Crafty couldn't help herself after seeing my accessories collection, so she decided to sign up and try it herself. Happily, she wasn't disappointed! She says, "this box was pretty much made for me," which is exactly why Wantable is so great. Chances are, the products you receive will be perfectly selected.

Crafty's Accessories Collection

The sunglasses most likely won't get too much use unless I gift them because I wear glasses. On certain occasions, though, I do put in contacts and I am always searching for sunglasses so maybe I will hold on to them. They're really cute.

The gray and teal scarf is PERFECT! I actually tend to wear a lot of both of these colors and the scarf is super soft, which is always a bonus when you have texture issues. It is also a great length and there are many different ways you can wear it.

The necklace I love and I actually believe it is the same one Boxy got at some point as well. I love that it is longer than I usually wear and that it includes a couple of chains together. Also it is silver, which is pretty much the only jewelry I wear. I love that Wantable truly listens to what you put on your survey.

The last item in my box was a bracelet. At first I was only lukewarm about it, but the more I look at it, the more I start to love it. I have pretty much worn one bracelet and one bracelet only for the last 18 months of my life. It isn't fancy at all; actually it's a purple rubber one. I think that the next time we go out, I might take off the rubber one for a little bit and try this one out.

I currently subscribe to Wantable Intimates and I refuse to cancel that one, but Boxy has created an addiction and I might just have to keep Accessories as well.

Boxy's Accessories Collection (Take Three)

This is my third collection for February. Actually, to be honest, it's my fourth, because I used my husband's email address to try something a little different without messing up my preferences on my main account. Sadly, though, I ended up with three things I already have and one that was ugly, so I sent it back. Clearly, Wantable is very good at knowing me and I'm going to stick to the regular boxes I get with the survey I trust.

This was my least favorite of my Wantable Accessories collections and it's the fourth one overall. However, most people don't order four in the span of a month and for that, I have to be somewhat aware of the fact that these are the fourth tier items they're sending now.

The drop earrings are awesome and much lighter than they look. I worried they'd drag my earlobes down, but they're incredibly airy. I love that they have the appearance of heft without the actual weight. I don't normally wear hoops, but selected them on this survey to see something different. I like that these hoops are slightly nontraditional. As I said, I won't wear them much, but they're cute and something a little different when I want a hoop.

I'm having an ongoing debate with myself as to how this necklace made it in my box, because I hate this kind of fashion jewelry. At the same time, I kind of go back to it and think maybe it would look cute with jeans and a t-shirt. Go figure. It's somewhat cheap feeling, but it may be the kind of item it's good to have to take me out of my comfort zone a little without being too dramatically not me. (One of the reasons I was slow at coming around to Wantable is most of the posts and reviews I see are even bolder items than this and I am not a fan. I like that I specifically noted I like things that are not too boring and not too bold and Wantable just pushes the edges enough for me to try things without sending me things I will never even consider wearing.) I feel like I want to hate this necklace and yet I will probably end up wearing it and loving it.

My last necklace is probably on the other end of the spectrum. It's too simple. I love a nice mix - classic and simple enough to be worn both professionally and casually, with enough personality to stand out. I don't want it to be too bold, though, either. That's a tough call and my other necklaces from Wantable nailed it. By box #4, though, without a new collection yet, they're having to go to the edges and I'm still impressed that they managed to find me items that do fit my preferences. This is adjustable and I will likely try it when I'm looking for something very basic. I also like that it could be layered with something bolder.

Crafty's Intimates Collection

This is the second month I have received Wantable Intimates. I signed up for my first month because I had a coupon that I could not pass up. After receiving that collection, there was no way I was cancelling this subscription. I spent a good part of the month checking my email for the shipping information, and then I spent the rest of the month "stalking" the mailman, waiting on delivery. When it arrived, I couldn't wait to open it!

This month's box was not as exciting for me as the first box I received from Wantable. I received the Spring Fling pajama set in strawberry pink. These pajamas feel soft and lightweight for when the weather finally turns. I will admit I am a little disappointed in the color; pink is not my favorite and these are very pink. I actually texted Boxy and told her that I wish my pajama set was the color she received. 

The other item in this month's box was a KnowMe Shapewear - "The Shape Charmer." I think I need to update my survey on Wantable. While I am loving the leggings that I received last month in my box and this item will come in handy at some point, I think I have reached my shapewear limit. This item can be worn three ways: as a tube top, to cinch the waist, or as a short slip under a skirt. I will most likely use it to cinch my waist as I have a few dresses I like to wear in the spring that I could use it under to help smooth the lumps and bumps left from having three kids. 

Overall, this box was okay, and I am going to keep it because I love comfortable clothes. Although I can use the shapewear, I will be updating my survey. That is one feature of Wantable that I truly love; you can customize it to your preferences. I am excited to get next month's box and see what goodies are in store for me! 

Boxy's Intimates Collection

I actually sent my first Intimates collection back and wasn't planning on ordering another anytime soon. My first box was similar to a lot of the boxes I've seen from other bloggers (and Crafty). I don't really like those items, so they don't work for me. Basically all I really wanted was socks and bras and they didn't have bras apparently, so I ended up not really enjoying my box.

I don't like Muk Luks and yet Wantable sends everyone Muk Luks. I wish I'd known that and I would have asked for them not to include them. I had really specific preferences and it took a while to even get my shipment. I would have rather waited to get a bra, since that was my primary goal (and I am basically open to anything in that area). Muk Luks, to me, are overrated because they're awkward and they don't seem to go up high enough to make a whole lot of sense. Basically they seem like overpriced socks - that are made in China. :(

The socks were cute, but if I kept them, I would have paid $9 for socks and I just didn't like them enough for that (I figure I could buy them myself if I wanted them that much or subscribe to Sock Club, since their socks are just as cute and only a few dollars more).

My biggest disappointment, though, came from my pajama set. First of all, I only wanted to select socks and bras for the survey, but I had to pick a third category. I made a note that I preferred those items instead, and I probably would have kept the box if I'd gotten the elusive bra. Instead, most of my box's value was in a pajama set I really didn't want and definitely doesn't make sense. I entered my sizing info, as well as my height and weight. This set was labeled as the size I selected (and to be honest, I prefer going a size up so it should have been big), but it was not even close. I picked it up and could tell on sight it was way too small.

Again, for the price and for my preferences, this was bad. I ended up, however, trying again, and I liked my second box better. It's still not perfect but since I am a Wantable fan, I will try again from this survey.

I got more Muk Luks, but kept them because I tend to feel like Wantable, for me, is an all or nothing box. I know I can return some items, but I just feel like the subscription box deal is that you could end up having to be flexible. So since I liked the rest, I kept them. They're fine, but honestly, I just prefer regular socks.

The bra (finally) is a sports bra, but it's really cute and actually has support, which is nice for a sports bra. It's basically a tank top and it's cute enough to be seen.

There was also a pair of stretchy boyshort panties in pink with polka dots. These look like they might be smaller than labeled, but they're stretchy so you never know. Also included was an orange tank top. Not really my color, but this is one of my new favorite items. I don't love this box except the tank, but it's better (especially since the sizes are closer to my fit this time). I'm not a convert like I am with Accessories yet, but I'm open to it after Box #2.

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