Sunday, March 22, 2015

Naomi Kyle Quarterly Box Review: NKQ01

As soon as Quarterly announced the Naomi Kyle box, I signed up, because I love gaming. I love that there's a gaming subscription box that is being curated by a gamer and is going to focus on gaming - especially current gaming.

Quarterly operates, as you likely guessed, on a quarterly basis. This is the first box from Naomi Kyle; her next ships in June. If you don't know who Naomi Kyle is, she is the host of The Daily Fix on IGN. Although, as I mentioned with the Wil Wheaton box, I am not really one for celebrity culture, I have been so disappointed in a lot of the geeky subscription boxes, especially the ones targeted towards gamers. I find they're very family-oriented and often nostalgic more than current, so I thought this would be a good variation. I really don't care at all about what Naomi Kyle looks like, to be honest, but I will say that I'm kind of disgusted by what I see online on her social media. Let me stress I don't mean from Naomi Kyle, but from others. On one end, there are SO many guys hitting on her on Twitter and Facebook and I just have to shake my head. Why? Even when she shared her spoilers for this box, half or more of the comments were just telling her how hot she is. It's a pretty sad commentary on guys and for female gamers that this is a thing. She's a gamer - talk to her about games, not how hot she is. So creepy.

By the same token, I've seen lots of women bashing her as not a "real gamer" because she is also a model. There are pictures of her online in minimal clothing, but I don't really understand what that has to do with gaming or not gaming. Gamers can be hot or not hot. Guys need to lay off the nonstop flirting, because it makes them look pathetic, and girls need to lay off the catty jealousy, because it makes them look pathetic. Naomi Kyle is a good looking woman, but that is neither here nor there in her gaming career.

ANYWAY, this box was pretty awesome. It's only $50, as opposed to the $100 boxes from some of the other curators, and it definitely had that in value.

There was a Storm Trooper flash drive, which is great, along with the letter from Naomi on the top of the box. The first major item was an annotated copy of Ready Player One, which was a big spoiler for this box. It's too bad Loot Crate also included this, because I am now so done with this book. I have a tendency to get really sick of things and Ready Player One has been in my face way too much these last few months. For a book this old, that's just too much advertising and marketing and I'm probably going to avoid the movie now because I am growing to hate the book because of its ubiquity. Saying that, I knew coming in that I was getting this book from Naomi and I love the little annotated post-its. It's a good book but my appreciation for it is waning; this is the copy I am keeping, though!

The other big item was an Xbox One game code for Dead Rising 3. This is awesome, since we've played the first two. It's not a favorite necessarily, but this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for in subscribing to this box. It's a current game on a next-gen system, and it's one Naomi has played and enjoyed. If every box includes game codes, I will be very, very happy and stay subscribed as long as the box continues! I actually really love that it's for the newer system, too, since Xbox One has become such a huge part of my life in only a few months.

Also included in the box was an autographed photo. I knew this would be included, too, and although I'm not sure what to do with it exactly, I think it's a nice touch. Like the Radio Free Burrito posters in Wil Wheaton's boxes, it's self-promotional without being irritating. All the male fans are probably very excited about this, as evidenced by their constant references to how hot Naomi is, but again, that's not really a priority for me. :) It's a very nice photo, though, and I will save it.

I love the Destiny poster - and I don't even play the game. It was one of the ones I debated getting, but a friend said it isn't worth it yet because there isn't enough happening in the game to justify the cost. I will likely look into it over the summer, when it will certainly have gone down in price. Hopefully people will still be playing, though. This poster is some really nice artwork - simplistic yet effective - and I will hang this up in our nerd room once we move. It will make a lovely addition! (I also like that Naomi addresses the fact that she chose the Hunter poster although she plays Warlock, because I enjoy hearing people's experiences with classes and the various elements of games based on how they play.)

Overall, I was very happy with this box, because the annotated book was something I knew about well before it began smacking me over the head with its existence suddenly, the poster is awesome, the USB is great and will be useful, the picture is a nice touch, and the game code is worth it by itself. Definitely a great inaugural box and I am so looking forward to June!

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  1. Yay!!! I am so glad that Naomi Kyle's box was a hit! It would be nice if people focused on the fact that she is a gamer and not that she is hot that has nothing to do with it.