Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Game of Baloney Board Game Review

The Game of Baloney was one of our games from our Awesome Pack back in January, but we just got around to trying it. It's really designed as more of a party game so since there are only two of us, we put it off for a bit to play games better suited for just us. You can play The Game of Baloney with two people, but it's better with a group.

This is a fun game that basically tests your knowledge, as well as your ability to lie. You are given a fact and then there are three add-on details. One is true, one is a lie, and one is an outrageous lie. You read one aloud and people need to guess if you're telling the truth or lying. There is a whole betting system, too, but since it was just the two of us, we actually skipped the board and betting and just guessed to see who would get the most cards first.

As I said, this is probably more fun with a big group. It tests your knowledge, but also how well you know your family and friends and their "tells." It also tests your own poker face. What's fun is a lot of the cards are so ridiculous that the truth sounds just as absurd as a lie, so you really may not know.

I like games like this with flexibility, too, because if you want to play the way the game is designed, great. However, you can do what we did and just use the cards or make up your own house rules. This means that the 2-6 player limit is fairly adaptable as well, so this could easily be played by a full party of people or in teams.

The packaging is fantastic and this is an overall really fun game. We love trivia and it plays off that a bit, while also giving us something unique. It's not my favorite of the games we got from Awesome Pack, but it's different than the others and I love having lots of options. I want a collection that has something for every occasion and this is the kind of game that fills some of the gaps for us.

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  1. I don't think I would be good at this game. I laugh uncontrollably when I have to have a "poker" face. Lol