Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review: March 2015

I am always happy when my Essentials Bundle comes from The Honest Company. No one else can make me this excited about a box of cleaning supplies! This is a new selection of items, too, so I was looking forward to it even more.

Although I love the dishwasher soap, I decided I wanted to try the little packs this time around. This is the only detergent that has actually consistently gotten our dishes clean without running the washer several times. One thing, though, is that coffee stains never come out. I have never had an issue in the past with my coffee mugs being stained, but since switching to Honest, my impossible to clean dishes and pans always sparkle, yet mugs are permanently stained. Personally, I will deal with stains to get my dishes clean, use cruelty-free products that are ethical and ecofriendly, and save water by only needing to run the washer once. But I figured I would see if these had more luck on coffee. (Even when I scrub them out with dish soap by hand first, the coffee doesn't go away for some reason.)

I also picked up some dish towels, because you can always use these and I love my towel from GlobeIn. However, having extra is nice. In addition, we bought a big bottle of the body wash/shampoo, although we haven't even tried the one from our sampler pack. I've been loving the shampoo and conditioner from Renaissance Beauty found in my last Klover Box, but I like having shampoo on hand and my husband will certainly prefer not to use rose-scented shampoo! :)

I am ridiculously happy about the scrub brush and ceramic dish. As I said, with the weird coffee stain issue, I may take to washing mugs by hand and this makes it easier. This is also awesome for the dishes with harder to remove stains or oils. Finally, I like that I can use it for cleaning in the kitchen as well. 

Our last items were bottles of glass cleaner and multi-surface cleaner. Eventually I am switching to the concentrates and reusing these bottles, but I don't have these yet. Unfortunately, the spray nozzles came destroyed. One simply snapped off the stick and the other was in pieces. I contacted Honest immediately and they had replacements in the mail in less than 24 hours via FedEx. That's another reason to stick with honest - they are responsive and very customer-focused!

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