Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bestowed Review: March 2015

Since Boxy reviewed Bestowed back in January and had enjoyed the box, we decided to shake it up so I could try them out. I received Bestowed's March box and was looking forward to trying some healthy snacks.

I was excited when the box arrived because I have been looking for snacks that are on the healthier side of things and this is what Bestowed provides. When I opened my box, though, there was something in the box that was leaking and that made me a little sad and grossed out. It turns out that it was the sample of spinach puree.

I am still on the fence about how I feel about spinach puree but I am willing to give it a shot and make something with it. I do like that it is 100% Organic spinach, so maybe I will sneak it into something and see if the kids notice. The other item in the box I wasn't too excited about was the Chai tea. I know lots of people love Chai tea but it has never been something I have liked. I will most likely be gifting that to a friend.

There was a protein bar in the box, which I ate before I got a picture of it. I had the box sitting behind my desk and one morning, I reached over and grabbed it as my stomach was growling. As I put the last bite in my mouth, I realized I never took a picture of it. Needless to say, it was pretty tasty as far as protein bars go.

The other snack that I really enjoyed in this box was the granola. This was the perfect mix of granola and chocolate, and it was very filling. I tend to like a little crunch in my snacks so this was a good one for me.

There were also Halo Seaweed Chips in my box. I really, really wanted to love these. I love chips of almost any kind and will confess that when I am craving a chip and all we have are Doritos, I will eat far more of them than I should. I did like the seaweed chips but they have a very strong "sea" aftertaste. I am not really sure how to explain it but that flavor is there. I didn't like them as much I had hoped. :/

The last two items in the box I have not tried yet, but I am looking forward to seeing how they taste. The first is a protein shake mix. Some people don't like protein shakes but I honestly feel like, for the girl who hates to eat breakfast, these are perfect. I am excited about this because it is an energy blend and really, who doesn't need a little extra energy in their lives?

I also have not tried the O'Coconut coconut treat. I am stashing this away for when I need a little something special for myself. Is it wrong that I hide when I eat anything the kids might think is candy?

Overall, I am not sure this is the box for me; however, I think that there are some good products and it introduces you to a variety of things that are healthier for you that you may not have known about before. It just wasn't one of my personal favorites.

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