Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bulu Box Review: March 2015

I originally signed up for Bulu Box because they had a great deal going - three months for the price of one - and I thought they would be great. However, they've been consistently just okay at best and downright bad at worst. So I am happy this is my last month, because this just isn't a subscription box I look forward to getting.

There were a few items in this box, including some flavors for water, vitamin samples, and Unbeatable Greens (unflavored). I have tried the Ranch Bean and Rice Chips in the past and liked them, so I will enjoy those.

There was also a lemon poppyseed cookie, as well as a few other samples. Overall, this was much better than last month and there were more vegan options. At the same time, I just don't think it's worth even the $10 for three months since it seems really random what you get. Other unboxings look very different and I don't like that kind of random selection when some boxes feel like the remnants of what they had left each month.


  1. It is one thing to get different items because it is customized but to get random items is frustrating.

  2. I recently paid $7 for 3 months - signed up for the weight loss version - first box will be in May so we'll see. Hopefully between May, June & July, I will get my $7 worth! If not, that's sad.