Monday, March 16, 2015

Pipsticks Review: March 2015

It's such a silly thing, but I have started to look forward to my monthly Pipsticks sticker delivery just because it's something fun and relatively easy to do. I went out and got a sticker book and have been putting all my new stickers in it.

I think I may have received two envelopes this month on accident, although one was very similar to the stickers I'd received previously. It included the same cars, shapes, robots, owls, etc.

The second envelope was entirely new and a lot of fun! As always, I received a blank postcard with a stamp, some decorative stickers (these were hearts) and paper for crafting. I haven't gotten all that creative yet, although I do keep the decorative stickers aside in the event that I do. I really like these puffy camping stickers with animals!

There were several small sheets, including rainbows, dragons (yes!), clowns, birds, and more. I love the sparkly green happy faces, which are great for March with St. Patrick's Day, as well as the weather stickers. Although at this point, even snow stickers make me mad!

There were also some cute animal stickers. I had to start a second page for animals in my sticker book because there are so many animals, but that's okay. I love animals. I really like that you also get a couple branded stickers each month and that they are always different.

For the reasonable cost, this is a fun subscription. We are moving soon and I may put it on hold once we do because between the chaos of address changes and also having things in boxes, I won't have a ton of time to be putting my sticker book together, but it's been fun and I will likely restart as soon as we get settled.

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