Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rubber Band Bracelet Loom Band Review

I am so incredibly excited to have had the chance to review Rubber Band Bracelet's loom bands. Boxy worked hard to get me this opportunity, and while she was working with the company to get us approved, I am pretty sure she told them, "you don't understand; she lives and breathes these things." At thirty-something, I must say this is a very sad but very true statement. At some point last summer, I picked up this habit (some call it an addiction) and it's grown ever since. The opportunity to try out 6000 loom bands is one I am very thankful for.

I will try to keep this review to only the important information, although it will be hard because I could go on forever. (I think it's time I start writing a weekly or biweekly feature on my rubber bands, don't you agree?) 

Upon opening the package, I was very happy to see that the bands were, in fact, individually wrapped, and that they didn't break open in the shipping process. This has happened to me before with other companies and it is a bit of a pain to sort them all out. The colors are all vibrant and they are good colors for a variety of different projects. I like that, along with all of the colors, black and white were also included. 

After opening the packages, I checked the one thing that I tend to notice with all bands other than the true Rainbow Loom bands. This is the cut of the band themselves. It sounds funny but the Rainbow Loom Bands are complete circles; they almost never have bands that are misshapen. Bands that are misshapen can make your project look funny so I try to avoid using them if I can. As you can see in the pictures posted below, these bands seem to be just as good as the Rainbow Loom Bands. 

I decided on two projects to test these bands out. The first project I chose was a bracelet called Tidal Wave by TutorialbyA. In the video, she mentions that you should use a sturdy loom and strong bands because there is a lot of tension put on the bands when you are looming. I was concerned that I would have to start over again because the bands would break, but to my surprise these bands held up perfectly and not a single one broke! 

My next project was The Happy Easter Egg by Feelinspiffy. These projects can cause bands to break or even appear misshapen or out of place if you aren't using high quality bands. I never once had a problem while working with these bands. Every project I tried turned out exactly as I had hoped it would. 

At a price of $13.99 for 6000 bands, I will be ordering more of these when I need these colors again. I ended up making two more bracelets today with these bands and they turned out beautifully.  You can see those and more of my projects on our Instagram account. All of the bracelets I made today will be donated to the Message of Hope Foundation, which sends bags of "hope" to children who are hospitalized with chronic or terminal illnesses.  

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