Monday, March 9, 2015

Geek Me Box Review: February 2015

At this point, I've tried basically all the geek boxes. I haven't found one that does everything perfectly yet, although the closest for me is My Geeky Goodies. Still, most of them end up having something I like and things I don't, which is the pro and con of subscription boxes. 

Geek Me Box is another fairly new option and they don't seem to have a theme. This box didn't have an info card, although there was a typewritten note that mentioned that, due to the challenges with shipping this month, everything was a little last minute. I have to admit that I don't care at all about the info card except as a reference to make sure I get everything (although there were some glaring grammatical issues in the letter that drove me nuts, especially since it's technically a professional communication). That may also be why this didn't feel all that themed (although it's one of the more gamer-oriented boxes, even over the ones claiming to be gamer-oriented - AND there was a variety of systems represented). 

In the box was an Assassin's Creed figure, which is awesome! So many of the gamer boxes are heavily Nintendo-focused or tend to represent only E-rated or retro games. I love seeing a modern game that's more reflective of our playing habits now in the box.

Speaking of retro, there was a Sonic figure and a Pac-Man key chain. I love the key chain! We didn't really play Sonic, but he's cute, so we don't mind having him. (My husband played the first Sonic but was a bit too old for the series and I was forced to come around to gaming late because my parents were strict, so all my gaming came from arcades.)

There was also a pack of Dragonball Z cards. I don't know anything about these, because I think we're way out of the target age group for these. There wasn't much anime in our high school and college years and Dragonball Z became popular when we were already married and working.

Geek Me Box had one of the BEST shirts this month, though! It's a Spy vs. Spy - Batman/Superman mashup. Check this out! LOVE IT!!! :)

Overall, Geek Me Box was really solid and I'm excited to try another month with them to see what comes next. These are always a little hit or miss based on your interests and although ours are pretty broad, many do tend young or cater to families. I like that this seems to balance both.

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