Friday, March 27, 2015

GlobeIn Artisan Box Review: March 2015 (with April Spoilers and Coupon!)

This month's GlobeIn Artisan Box was themed "Sustain" and included useful, fair trade, and artisan products. I really loved all the items in this box, but honestly felt little enthusiasm for it when it arrived since they had sent out the boxes to select bloggers nearly a month ago and it's been posted in full everywhere. I contacted them about this, because I admit I am not a big fan of that business model. I understand trying to garner interest, but I don't really know if I want to subscribe to something that is ruined for me a month in advance. I can just shop in their store if I want to know what I am getting, and that way I can choose the items that work best for me personally. I also think it's ethical to remember that paying customers are your priority, because lovely blog posts and reviews are useless when you alienate the customers.

I do love this box, though, and the items in it. In addition, the people at GlobeIn were super friendly and receptive when I contacted them. Although I admit that, by the time this arrived, I felt really meh about it because it had all been spoiled way too long ago, I still do look forward to getting this box in general.

The items come in the same handwoven basket; I adore these baskets. My favorite item was also this tote bag. I can't believe it was only valued at $5 since I've paid more than that for the ones at grocery stores and this is sturdy, large, and actually cute as a bag in general.

Also included was a lip balm and some dark chocolate-covered cacao nibs. There was also a bowl made from a coconut shell. I am happy I got the purple one. Finally, there was a bag of rice.

Again, everyone basically knows what was in this box so it's hard to be super excited about any of it this far out. I suppose it made sense at the time to select this option for marketing a product, but I have seen it so much from subscription box companies and it's generally more of a deterrent than a reason to subscribe. I enjoy GlobeIn and I admit I considered canceling several times, but after speaking with them personally, I do feel they truly are interested in customers first. I hope that continues to be the case because this is one of the best and most unique boxes out there.

For April, they have decided to release only the theme and one spoiler, which is listed below. It's a pretty awesome item, which definitely gets me so excited for this box! There's also a coupon. :)

The theme of the April box will be "Picnic," which is a perfect spring theme! It was also include an All Good Unscented Sunstick from Elemental Herbs. This is a sunscreen packed with natural oils and everyone over at GlobeIn says it feels great on your skin. Also, Elemental Herbs has been named a Benefit Corporation, meaning they're a for profit company making a positive impact on society and the environment (and that ethics are balanced with sales revenue as a goal for the company). Finally, they're a cruelty-free company, which is awesome. 

There will be five items, including the sunscreen and basket (not sure if the basket counts in the five because I think it's just what holds the items), and the total value is estimated around $59. I cannot stress enough how valuable this subscription is - the products are useful and really awesome, the companies they're sourcing from are ethical and fair trade, the overall mission of GlobeIn is to partner with people who are bettering the world, and they truly are committed to customer satisfaction. I think this is one of the subscription boxes I would have the hardest time giving up personally, because it makes me so happy to get it. 

Currently, GlobeIn is offering 25% on any new three- or six-month subscription or gift. Just enter the code WELCOME at checkout. This really is worth it!

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