Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hip Humanitarian Review: March 2015

The Hip Humanitarian provides a monthly subscription box of ethically sourced items based on a different theme. This month's theme was the Foodie Box, so everything was based around food.

I liked this box better than the first two months, although I always like food. I'm still not sure I can honestly say the value exists in this box, but I have a subscription for a few more months.

I don't know why all these photos have a blue-green tint...

Included in the box was a bag of microwavable popcorn (non-GMO) and popcorn is always something I enjoy! There was also a packet of Justin's Almond Butter, which I finally tried a while ago. I did like it, but I know people go nuts (really, no pun intended) for this stuff. I felt like it was decent but I wouldn't replace my normal spreads with it. This is in vanilla, though, so we will see if that changes things.

Also included as a small container of skin food from Weleda. I had a hard time finding a clear answer about whether or not Weleda is cruelty-free, so I won't use this unless I can find that out.

I am excited to try the Cinnamon Raisin Oat Bar from Bobo's. It looks delicious!

Finally, there was a very small bowl for sauces or herbs. It is really tiny so I haven't figured out yet how I will use it, but it's not like it takes up space to keep it for something. I think it's cute and I am sure I will discover a use for cooking eventually.

Again, these items are nice, but I still can't say that there is anything that feels close to $30+ in value here. I know this is a smaller business and they are actually doing right by their customers in charging what they have to rather than finding it's not sustainable and leaving people hanging, but I have a hard time enthusiastically recommending them for that price with what's been in the boxes. I will say that the customer service is great and they seem very nice and well-intentioned, so hopefully as they build their business, the value will improve.

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