Sunday, March 22, 2015

Love with Food Review: March 2015

I am generally always happy with my Love with Food subscription box, although last month, they included Pork Clouds. This month was better in that every item was vegan. On the other hand, I didn't really love any of the things in this box. It's still a worthwhile subscription, since it's not too expensive, they give back to people in need, and you will always get something you'll enjoy even if you don't love it. 

I was very happy to get more Hemp Hearts in this box, because I have been trying to use them a lot more and I get them a lot in subscription boxes. We also received roasted chickpeas, which my husband will eat but they're fairly bland. I would like to get one of the flavors for something like this, because just salted means they don't have much extra taste. 

In addition, there was a bag of Nutty Rice Bites with cranberries from 180. They also sent us some cranberry pomegranate clusters. I like cranberries, so these are my snacks!

The other items in the box were a pack of Herbes de Provence, which I will likely use on potatoes, a beet and cherry fruit snack that I'm wary of as I don't like beets very much, tea, chocolate chews, Two Moms in the Raw almond butter cacao truffle, Bops baked chips, some Bare apple chips, and 479 salted popcorn. Again, nothing that really was terrible and nothing that really jumps out as amazing, either. 

I usually write more about the Love with Food items, but it wasn't the most exciting box. It's still a definitely worthwhile subscription and I will keep it because I like shaking up my snacks with some things I haven't tried and I can usually count on these products to be healthier. 

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