Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Crafty gets Comfy - Wantable Intimates Review (January 2015)

About a week or so ago, Boxy said to me, "If you want to try Wantable, there is a coupon for a $5.00 box." Well, that got my attention! I had looked at Wantable before, but my job makes it hard for me to wear accessories and I don't get out much because of the three kids. Also, I do not wear much makeup and the "Intimates" title made me think it would be all underwear, bras, and lingerie. However, for $5.00, I figured it was worth checking out in more depth. I went to their website and discovered my assumption was VERY wrong about Wantable Intimates.

While you can certainly get panties, bras, and lingerie, you can also get socks, jammies, shapewear, and slippers. I was unable to get the coupon to work, but after seeing what the possibilities were and deciding I needed to try it, I tracked down another coupon for $15 for one month. 

The highlight of all of Wantable's subscriptions is that you have a choice between things you love, like, and dislike. You will never receive anything you "dislike" and they will work to make sure you get things you love, with some things you like included, too. This setup is perfect for me because I love to be comfy, but I am not so much a lingerie kind of girl. I set up my Intimates profile, placed my order, and waited VERY impatiently for my box to arrive. 

I was surprised how quickly it arrived on my doorstep, though! I was so excited when I saw it sitting there that I immediately called Boxy, forgetting that she was working at that time. I just had to tell her! 

Fortunately, I didn't disturb her at work when I called, because I couldn't contain my excitement. In my box, I found Muk Luks slipper socks, a Sutton Industries Notch Nightshirt, and footed leggings by Yummies by Heather Thomson.

These items are perfect for me for several reasons. The Muk Luks have only left my feet once since yesterday afternoon, just so that I could go to work, and when I am asleep. They are super warm for this extremely cold time of year on the East Coast, and my 9-year-old is jealous of her cool mom for once.

The night shirt is soft, which is huge for me because I have strange fabric texture issues. It is also warm, although nightshirts during this time of year aren't really ideal. They leaves your legs bare, which can get cold at night. However, with the addition of the leggings, I can wear both!

I haven't tried the leggings on yet. The fabric is strong, and I was happy to see that they were footed. I have tights that are footed and leggings that are footless, but these are definitely leggings with feet. This means they will keep me warmer, and they won't get runs in them like tights do. I also love that they have a shapewear top to help slim and smooth.

After looking over the price list of the individual items, there is no doubt in my mind that my $15 was well worth it for this box from Wantable. The only question that I had was, "Can I please sign up for this monthly?" This was directed to my husband the second he walked in the door from work. The deal you get by subscribing to this box is awesome, even if the monthly subscription is $36.00 per month. Once you add up the total of your items, you will see the value. These are also things I wouldn't have bought myself, but that I LOVE.

This box is going to go on my new favorites list! You can sign up here.

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  1. I never heard of this box. Thanks for sharing :)