Friday, April 10, 2015

Black Box Review: March 2015

I really look forward to getting my box from Black Box, simply because it's so different from any other subscription box. I love that they're customized, but I also enjoy getting presents in the mail that are just quirky enough to feel like treats. 

This wasn't my favorite of my boxes, but only because it wasn't as geeky as my others. I did really enjoy the items in it, though, and I am happy I kept this subscription. I need a little variety in my life!

The first item was a set of lavender incense sticks. They don't smell floral at all, which is good since it's not a scent I generally like. I always like incense, though. 

As you can see, the items are packed in different packaging, which makes opening the box fun all by itself, too! The incense was obvious because I could smell it when I brought the box inside, but I never know what will be in this box.

This little skull button is adorable and handmade. I am collecting some really great items for October this year and I'm looking forward to Halloween even more than normal.

I actually laughed aloud when I opened the sugar skull! "Put the the touch of Death in your hot beverage." Clearly there is a specific demographic for this, but since I am in that demographic, I found this quite amusing. I don't use sugar in my coffee, but I'm almost tempted to do so just to use this!

I loved the palette, because it's glittery but also more naturally colored. This is where I can be tough to shop for when it comes to makeup and jewelry. I always want something a little unique without being too obvious. I'm pretty introverted and I don't like attention at all, but at the same time, I want my personality to show. This is also cruelty-free!

I really love the barrettes. One is a glittery set of lips and the other is a bow tie (which are cool, you know). I need to color my hair again so I can do something with it, because these would stand out more if my hair wasn't so boring!

I really liked the adjustable star ring, although the necklace isn't really for me. Again, this is why I am difficult, because it's very similar to the necklace I got last month and yet I adored that. I think it's really just that I prefer the leaves to the teardrop black crystals.

As always, there was black nail polish. I need to start giving this away or something, because I have so much of it! Finally, there was a perfume sample. I love the little bag it came in, too!

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