Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fandom of the Month Club Review: March 2015 (Doctor Who)


Sorry. I'm a bit more composed now. Again, this is under $15 a month, and Fandom of the Month Club sends you three jewelry items each month in a custom-made bag for one specific fandom. This month's theme was Doctor Who and next month is Harry Potter. The items are shipped in this adorable mailer (and this month it's TARDIS blue!)

You also get a postcard each month that I keep with my collection, because it's another little perk with your items. 

So. The bag. I LOVE IT. Now, before people get all upset because I seriously love 11 and Amy/Rory, too bad. I enjoy a lot of the characters, but I just really connected with the stories Amy and 11 experienced the most. I found him the most relatable, because he seemed so sad and lost a lot of the time, and I loved how strong she was. I also loved that they were friends. She was in love with Rory, and the show never tried to make her relationship with the Doctor anything else. It's a beautiful story arc with Amy/Rory and 11, so too bad if you don't love them. I cried in more episodes during their run than with any other Doctor! So the quote on the bag and on the bracelet, from "The Big Bang," is just beautiful and that's one of the best episodes. Honestly, I am nearly crying just remembering their stories now. Sigh. I miss them all. (I actually like cranky old 12, but I am not a fan of Clara. Well, mostly not Mr. Pink and how Clara is all lame because of some random dude. But anyway... on to the jewelry.)

The bracelet has the same quote and is beautiful. I love that it's adjustable, too. 

The necklace is similar to one I already have, although that one has a blue TARDIS not a pewter one, but really... can someone have too many TARDISes? I think not.

Getting a picture of the Dalek ring was nearly impossible, so I apologize that it came out like this. It's adjustable, which is nice, and also it's a Dalek (which Blogger says is not a word, yet my phone autocorrects to when I try to type the word delay... go figure).

Anyway, I love this subscription and I am so happy I signed up for a longer one, because it makes me happy to get things like this. Even if I never wear them, they just make me smile.

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  1. This is amazing! It is easy to tell that they hit this spot on for you! :)