Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Arts and Crafts Organizing Box Review

I have been spending a great deal of time organizing lately, including redesigning my crafts area. So I was very happy to be given the chance to review the Arts and Crafts Organizing box from CLD Brands. I also love how versatile this is, because it doesn't have to be used only for arts and crafts.

We have a bunch of different boxes, bins, and containers throughout the house, which we use to store a wide variety of items. I have craft items stored everywhere although, as I mentioned, I am currently working to improve my craft area so this problem no longer exists.

Right now, most of the items I use to store arts and craft supplies do not provide compartments or separate areas for things. That is one of the reasons I love this little arts and crafts organizing box. The bottom is big and lets you store larger items, but the top part lifts out and provides you with a tray of compartments. I am currently using this box to hold the loom bands that I want to take with me when I go for a long car trip. The top portion is holding beads I use for eyes, my hooks, and even a pair of scissors, while the bottom is full of packs of bands in the colors I will need. It is great because I don't have to worry about my bands spilling all over the car, which my husband hates! 

However, I didn't want to stop there. I wanted to have the option to use this handy box for other things, so I started brainstorming a bit. One of my ideas was to use this for my knitting projects. I could place the yarn I need for the current project as well as the project itself in the larger part, and then place my KnitKit in the top part, along with scissors, stitch markers, and extra needles if needed.

Moving on from arts and crafts items, I thought this would be great for a Lego project. The larger part could store the bricks and I could place the project booklet up top. My daughter also asked if she could use it as a suitcase for her American Girl dolls. She told me she wanted to put their outfits in the big part and their shoes and hair accessories in the top. I love that she uses her creativity to find uses for items. 

As you can see, this little box has many uses and I am pretty certain I will lose this to one of the kids in the near future. I have caught my daughter eyeing it on more than one occasion. I won't mind if she "borrowed" it from me, as long as it helps her organizational skills. It is clear that there are many uses for this product and that makes this mom extremely happy. 

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