Thursday, April 30, 2015

Goal Check In: April 2015

How did we do for April? In some ways, great. In others, not so much. Both of us are in the middle of a lot so there's been too much happening lately overall. However, we still did our best! And that's better than nothing, I suppose.
Little Miss Boxy:

As far as the move is going, we're doing very well actually. We're mostly living out of a few rooms and just have some last bits to do. We recently began the process of getting some of the stuff into the new place, so as it gets cleared out, it feels even more real. Crafty came to help for a few days and that was incredibly useful!

With the move and some other things happening, we finally slipped off the meal plan system. We had been doing so well and I'm proud of where we were. Now we just need to get back. We've had difficulty keeping up with that and the move and some other stresses. Meals tend to be the lowest on the list of priorities, but hopefully with summer coming and the move approaching, it can be turned around fairly easily.

From a personal standpoint, I know I said I wanted to find myself in a better place emotionally and also try to rid myself of certain negative things. I'm still doing that. It doesn't help that my life is in a bit of turmoil at the moment, of course. I am not a very social person, either, and I find that when I'm asked to be, I get really frustrated. It's tough because I feel so strongly about certain things, but then I don't really want to discuss them with anyone.

I also noted that something personal was going on and that was a big focus. That's still in the mix and it's really causing a ton of anxiety. I am hoping that it can be resolved, because the added stressors aren't good for any other goals.

Finally, we had the blog goal of making some changes. We are slowly getting there. We started this because we were happy with subscription boxes, but I have to admit the thrill has worn off. Lately I just feel like I'm throwing money at people. People who really don't care and I'm very much a person who prefers kindness to things. I will buy something from someone who makes me smile, regardless of what it is, but if you treat me like dirt, I have no interest in anything you do - even if it's amazing. I'm trying to bring my life around, so focusing on lifestyle posts, as we are slowly starting to integrate, is beneficial for that. That also means that we are going to be more focused on lifestyle posts as we proceed, which is why I will be doing away with the monthly hits and misses. I may do something like I did with the geek boxes or a quarterly summary, but we are going to start focusing on different topics.

Little Miss Crafty:

From a school standpoint, I feel like I am still on track. I started my second term with College Composition II and Statistics. I am currently doing very well in both classes, although it isn't easy some days. I am thankfully keeping up with all of my work.

My big trip went fantastic. It was actually a trip to meet Boxy in person for the first time. To be completely honest, I had some anxiety prior to the door opening at her house. I made the long drive perfectly fine. I was even excited. But as I knocked on her door I became so nervous. I stood on her doorstep for what seemed like an eternity waiting for her to come to the door, although it was actually probably seconds. Once the door opened, all of my fear was relieved and I was just so happy to be able to meet her and help out with the packing and moving. It was an amazing weekend that I will never forget.

My health and weight are still a work in progress. I have to remind myself I didn't get to where I am overnight, so to think that it will all be fixed overnight is ridiculous. I have been more active, thanks in part, I believe, to the nicer weather we have been experiencing. It is so much easier to get out when the weather is nice. I have made the choice after talking it over with a couple people to start to wean down off the medication I have been on for nearly ten years. I started at the end of March, and so far I am doing well. I am hoping by June I will be completely off the medication and seeing progress in my overall health.

Emotionally, I have my days. Some are better than others, but I feel like over the last few weeks, things have begun to even out a bit. I recently completed one of the hardest months yet at work, yet I made it through with very little stress. I still worry about things often, but not nearly to the extent that I had been. I have to realize that there are some things out of my control in this world.

My last goal was that I wanted to work on my words matching my actions. This, too, is a work in progress. I do not intentionally say something without following through, but sometimes it is easier to say you are going to doing something than it is to complete it. I do feel as though I have been successful in this area. It just isn't something that you can do once and walk away from, though; it is a process.

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