Monday, April 13, 2015

Little SqueezeMe Food Pouch Review

The creation of food pouches was a fairly brilliant idea if you ask me. As a mom of three, when the older two were babies, my choices were glass jars - which were great because they didn't leak, but were awful since they were glass and could break - or the plastic baby jar, which always leaked. By the time number three arrived, they had created pouches. You could even purchase a spoon to screw onto the pouch. The pouches were extremely convenient; they were flat, leak-proof, not made of glass, and fit into the diaper bag perfectly.

Since the kids are older now, we have no real use for baby food, but their applesauce comes in pouches. They usually take one for lunch every day of the week in varying flavors. They have plain applesauce, strawberry-applesauce, banana-applesauce, and so many more. These pouches come in a pack of four for approximately $2.99. That is about $9.00 a week - just in applesauce. This is where Little SqueezeMe Food Pouches come in. I was happy to review this product when offered because I knew exactly how I would use them.

The Little SqueezeMe pouches come in a set of five. They hold six fluid ounces and provide a leak-proof seal. If I purchase a 48 ounce jar of applesauce for $2.49, I can fill eight pouches with that one jar of applesauce. For me, that is a huge saving, plus I still have the convenience of the pouches. These seem like the ideal solution. Also, these pouches are dishwasher safe and you can't beat that.

Over Easter, I decided to give these a try because we were headed on a long car trip for the holiday. I filled one with applesauce and three others with a banana fruit smoothie. I placed them all in a little snack lunch bag and gave it to my daughter to keep with her in the car while we traveled. I was glad to have quick, easy snacks for her that were also healthy. It was very simple to add both the applesauce and the smoothie to the pouches.

My husband really liked the idea of saving money with these pouches for applesauce, but his first words were, "That could be messy." It wasn't, though, not at all, I held the pouches open with one hand and poured the applesauce/smoothie with the other. It was simple and easy with no mess at all.

I am looking forward to making our own combination over the summer of fresh fruits. You can even freeze the pouches and then toss them in a bag for the park. By the time you need them, they will thaw, or if at home, you can just place it in a bowl of warm water. Healthy treats for the kids that they don't even know are good for them, plus it saves money and it's super easy for mom! You can check out my video to see how easy!

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