Monday, April 6, 2015

Rachael Burgess: "Falling" Single Review and Giveaway

We generally don't accept music, games, movies, books, or other artistic endeavors for review. Part of it has to do with the fact that it's subjective, but the biggest reason is that we feel like it's more ethical to support the arts and review honestly with no financial or other obligation to the artist. With that said, indie artists do need reviews and sometimes getting exposure can be nearly impossible.

When I came across Rachael Burgess' music, I saw that she was a singer-songwriter looking for reviews, but also just simply exposure for her music. Because it's a kind of music I really enjoy, I decided to give it a chance. It was only the one single, "Falling," and she was offering additional copies for readers as part of a giveaway. Again, this is a rare thing for us to do.

You can actually hear the single on YouTube and watch Rachael's video. It makes the most sense because you'll know what I'm talking about - and you will know if it's the kind of song you want to win a download of for yourself!

"Falling" is a folky-poppy ballad and I enjoyed it a lot. It's the kind of music that is great for listening to in the background while you're working and it begins to play on repeat in your head. This is also the kind of music that doesn't get a ton of radio play, which I personally think is unfortunate. I find the work of singer-songwriters to be an underappreciated art.

Rachael Burgess is an independent musician and mom to a one-year-old daughter living in Canada. Her passion is music and she's always wanted to bring music to others, as well happiness through music. "Falling" is the kind of song that is pleasant and happy, without all the angst or anger common in lyrics. It's definitely a relaxing single and it lightens your mood.

You can purchase "Falling" here, or enter to win a copy of the single through the Rafflecopter below.

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